Greenville, North Carolina. Some people see it as just a town in North Carolina. Some people see it as home of East Carolina University. Some people see it as the place where Sup Dogs is. I see this place like home, and so much more than that. Greenville, North Carolina has been a life-changing place for me.

I came to Greenville in August for my freshman year as a student at ECU. I thought that eventually it would all get more familiar and I would start getting used to it, but never did I think I would call it home. Greenville is different than any other college town I have been to and different from any other town in general.

Greenville is a town in the south, which was a little bit of a change for someone from Maryland. Living in the south for the first time was a fantastic experience for me. The hospitality in Greenville is amazing and can be found in every establishment in the town. The personality of Greenville is a story of its own.

I can't quite describe what makes it so special, but there is something for everyone and every time of day. There is almost always something to do in Greenville, and there are a few things that would make you say "just Greenville things".

Above all, Greenville is where I met some of the very best people I have ever met. So many great people have come into my life as a result of being in Greenville. Whether these people are originally from Greenville or not, it is where I met them, so it attracts great people.

After living in the same place for most of my life, going to a new state was different, but I am beyond thankful I moved to Greenville. Greenville now feels more like home to me than Maryland does, and that's not a bad thing!