Greek Crush of the Week: Joe Hagerty
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Q: Name, Frat, PC, Year, Major
A: Joseph Edward Hagerty, Alpha Tau Omega, Sophomore 17.5, Statistics

Q: Nickname(s)
A: Hags, Magnum, Whiskers (because I am curious, like a cat)

Q: Biggest turn on
A: All songs by Nickleback

Q: Biggest turn off
A: My biggest turn off is definitely when I put my shoes on before my pants, and then I try to put my pants on over my shoes and I get a calf cramp from pointing my toes too long.

Q: Most awkward moment at U of I
A: My most awkward moment at U of I was first semester freshman year when I was walking near the corner of First and Daniel. A woman parked near the curb and got out. When she walked around to and opened the passenger side door a very small dog shot out of the car and made a bee-line straight towards me. I have never been a dog person so I freaked out a little bit. The dog was fast approaching and before I could think I wound up, and punted the dog. The dog literally flew into the air and landed about five feet away. The owner was very confused as to what had just happened, as was I. I just said I was sorry and walked away. The dog was fine. I didn't kill a dog.

Q: Favorite Tinder pick up line
A: Something along the lines of “I see you also have an interest in (insert shared interest here). It seems like we have a lot in common we should get scones and ginseng tea sometime."

Q: Most attractive U of I Professor
A: Ellen Fireman

Q: Chipotle or Maize
A: I just started going gluten free and I have never felt better so I don't frequent either of these restaurants often. But if I had to choose, I would say Maize 100%.

Q: Favorite flavor of Burnett's
A: Plain

Q: Quarter zip or crew neck
A: I like quarter zips better. They look a little nicer and the zipper allows me to show off my chest hair when I am not wearing a shirt underneath.

Q: Favorite exchange theme
A: 80's in Aspen

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