50 Of The Greatest Little Joys In Life
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50 Of The Greatest Little Joys In Life

A list of everyday things that give us the most amount of happiness.

50 Of The Greatest Little Joys In Life
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We are all well aware that life can sometimes be a bitch, and by bitch, I mean unpleasant, overwhelming, and stressful. It's pretty easy for us to get caught up in our worries and dwell on the negative. I guess it's 'cause we tend to focus so much on the bigger picture that we take the small, simpler things for granted.

Instead of living life in a constant rush, we should take a moment to appreciate all of the little joys of life, because no matter how insignificant they may seem, they actually carry the power to brighten up a shitty day.

To pass this message around, I decided to ask 50 people what small, daily things gave them a moment of pure happiness.

1. "Calling your dog and hearing its little paws on the floor coming towards you" - Veronica, 22

2. "Snuggling in bed when my room is cold and it's raining outside." - Ana Gabriela, 22

3. "That first Juul hit in the morning." - Karan, 23

4. "Making people dance with the music I play." - Emilio, 24

5. "Eating together as a family." - Juan Diego, 21

6. "Talking with my grandmother over the phone every day." -Toby, 24

7. "Having some "me time" by going out to eat or enjoy a coffee by myself." - Antonio, 22

8. "A fresh manicure." - Giovanna, 18

9. "Folding towels when they're just out of the dyer." - Laura, 21

10. "When you perfectly cut open an avocado." - Aída, 22

11. "Beating my friends at FIFA." - Diego, 22

12. "Finding money in your pocket that you forgot about." - Daniel, 23

13. "Waking up without a hangover after a crazy night out." - Ida, 22

14. "A Chipotle bowl." - Pedro, 23

15. "The first pee of the day." - Raquel, 24

16. "When you set a goal and you achieve it." - Gustavo, 18

17. "Getting under the covers after I shaved my legs." - Maria Cristina, 23

18. "Showering after an intense workout." - Virgilio, 23

19. "Helping my grandma put on her jewelry every morning." - Dalia, 23

20. "Having scrambled eggs and avocado for breakfast." - Nicole, 22

21. "Listening to an old song I used to love and had forgotten about." - Paola, 21

22. "Being able to play my favorite sport again after an injury." - Abdiel, 22

23. "When someone gives you a hug and you secretly needed it." - Mary, 22

24. "Watching the sunset while driving." - Carlos, 24

25. "Hearing my baby niece's laugh." - Maria Fernanda, 24

26. "Seeing your dog after a long day at school or work." - Melissa, 23

27. "When you work really hard to lose weight and it starts showing." - Laura, 18 

28. "Home games during college football season." - Juan Raul, 22

29. "The smell of sunblock when you're putting it on right before going into the ocean." Marlene, 23

30. "When people enjoy my cooking and baking." - Tommy, 21

31. "Salsa dancing with someone I love." - Gabriela, 23

32. "The satisfaction you get when you tidy your room." - Devin, 21

33. "Unexpected discounts." - Ella, 23

34. "Restocking the fridge." - Carolina, 23 

35. "Drinking an ice cold beer on a very hot day at the beach." - Juan, 22

36. "Finding a parking spot on campus... or anywhere you go." - Andrea, 21

37. "The sound of a Coke can being opened." - Emily, 23

38. "When you come across a dog on the street and their owner lets you pet it." - Melanie, 23

39. "Waking up too early and realizing you still have plenty of more time to sleep." - Lorenzo, 23

40. "When you're approaching a red light and it turns green." - Peter, 23

41. "Living away from home and eating traditional food from my country." - Claudia, 20

42. "Free samples at the grocery store." - Gabriella, 22

43. "Listening to music and singing in the car on my way to work in the mornings." - Giancarlo, 26

44. "Whenever I prove to myself that I can overcome a challenge." - Vicente, 24

45. "Getting a good grade on an exam I could've sworn I failed." - Carmen, 23

46. "Receiving a package in the mail." - Ana, 22

47. "Finding more fries at the bottom of the bag." Jose, 22

48. "Checking things off your to-do list." - Taylor, 21

49. "Going shopping and actually finding cute things that fit you perfectly." - Isa, 22

50. "Drinking the first sip of iced coffee in the morning." - Gianna, 23

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