15 Reasons Why I Have The Greatest Boyfriend In The World
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15 Reasons Why I Have The Greatest Boyfriend In The World

I didn't know how much he would mean to me when I first met him.

15 Reasons Why I Have The Greatest Boyfriend In The World
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I don't know when it exactly happened; I just know I woke up one day and knew I never wanted to spend another day without him by my side. I fell head over heels with the most amazing boyfriend in the whole universe.

It wasn't just his amazing looks I was attracted to, it was his humor, how he could turn a quiet room full of people to a dance party in 10 minutes or less. He treats me like a queen and doesn't even know the meaning of disrespect let alone do it. We came from two completely different worlds, and we have merged them into one.We are by no means perfect, and we do have an argument from time to time. But we have never let it get to the point that we don't want to be together anymore.

I am so blessed that I met him, that we started hanging out every day. He is the one who introduced me to the horror genre and I forever will love those movies. Even if we don't last forever, as of right now, I don't want to lose him or what we have.

I've never loved someone as much as I love him.

1. We cannot stay mad at each other long.

No matter what it is, we sit down and talk through everything; communication is a major part of our relationship. He makes sure that we meet in the middle if an agreement is virtually impossible. In past relationships, the guy has only seen his side and stuck with it which lead to even worse arguments.

2. When I am grumpy he won't stop until I smile

I have so many reasons why I love him, but how he can always find a way to make me grin from ear to ear is a big part of why I fell for him. One of my favorite ways is when he puts on older slow music and pulls me out of my pouty pose and drags me around the room in slow circles. Singing very off tune he spins me around and around until I'm laughing so hard we have to stop so I can recover.

3. He cooks for me.

Food is the way to my heart and I am not ashamed to admit it: I love to eat. So, when he surprised me with a fully-cooked meal I was so happy. I do cook for him too, but he makes the more interesting food since he is from New Orleans, and I'm from Oklahoma. So, his food is a bit more exciting.

4. He surprises me with a clean room.

I'm not the cleanest person in the world I'm a college student, sometimes I put my laundry off a few days longer than I should. Other times, that empty Dorito bag doesn't always make it completely in the trash, other days my socks just end up being kicked off right before I go to bed. So, when I have had a bad day and I come back to a clean room, laundry washed and put up, and all my dishes stacked nice and neat in the drainer, and a sweet note sitting on my desk I can just go straight to homework.

5. I don't get sweet texts because he tells me to my face.

Every girl loves to hear how much their man loves them, but there is nothing greater than getting to hear it straight from them while you're in their arms with their lips pressed against your forehead. My heart melts every single time, don't get me wrong, we do text but that is not our main form of communication. We talk more in person then we do on text, Snap and Facebook combined. From past experience, that has helped our communication level because there is only so much you can say through a text versus saying face to face. It really helps us stay on the same page throughout the day.

6. He's my walking planner.

I have a horrible memory like Dory level at times, and I have several planners just to help keep everything straight and on time. But sometimes there are small things like I need to call my sister when she gets home from school or I need to send my advisor an email asking a simple question. I grab my phone and completely forget why I picked it up and end up on social media. If I said it aloud he just smiles at me and reminds me and I feel relieved. I would be lost without him at times!

7. We use each other's phones like they are our own.

No, we aren't always reading through each other's personal things. There is that level of trust and respect. But, I find myself reaching for his phone to play a game he has that I don't. Or he grabs mine to shoot my mom a text (since she's basically another mom to him) asking a quick question. Phones have always been a bit iffy in a relationship. What is OK? What is too much? We have just found our in between and 'hack' each other's Snaps occasionally filling up the other's story with weird selfies.

8. We don't like all the same things and that's OK.

I came from a very small town and all the couples that I have seen and even the ones that I was in, they always had to have all the same interests (high school was just so extra!). That is okay, but my boyfriend and I share interests but we also have our own likes and dislikes and to me, that is just so amazing. That two people who are so completely different can come together like puzzle pieces.

9. We don't always hang out with the same people.

As I said, I came from a small town where everyone knew each other and you never had to introduce people to one another. So when I came to college and met my boyfriend I was suddenly in shock that we hung out with different people. I was at a loss at how to handle the situation. In the long run, it is kind of a good thing so we can go our separate ways at times because no one needs to be together 24/7.

10. My family loves him almost as much as I do.

My family is a little hard on people. They just want the best for me and my sister so, when we bring a new friend or boyfriend home they are a little hard on them. I was so scared of bringing my boyfriend home for the first time so when mom finally asked for the thousandth time I did it. Unlike the past, they seemed to almost instantly like him. He fit right in and I didn't even have to bite my nails or hold my tongue, it just felt natural. Now every time I call home they ask about him almost as much as they ask about me!

11. We have our time together before anyone else.

We do hang out with different people and that is okay, but we always make time for each other so there is no room for jealousy and so we don't blow each other's phones up later on. During these times, our phones are up and it's just whatever we are doing.

12. We have the same music taste.

We don't listen to EXACTLY the same music, but overall we like a lot of the same artists which really is a relief. There is nothing worse than being with someone who only plays the music that I dislike. It is like nails on a chalkboard. So, when Spotify goes on shuffle we don't have to worry about begging for the song to be skipped.

13. He takes me on adventures.

My family never really did much when I was growing up and that is perfectly fine. When my boyfriend found this out he will randomly throw certain clothes at me or shoes and tell me to get ready and then we leave. Once we just went to the nearby park and talked, another time we walked all the way to Walmart just to buy ice cream. My favorite was the first time he did that and took me to a food place I hadn't been to before.

14. He's honest even if it hurts.

I hate liars; I just don't understand why people hide things if you can just be honest and get it out there. We had a few rough bumps when we first started getting serious and so I sat him down and explained my reasoning and why I just want the straight truth. So, the trust is there if you ask the other person a question no matter what it is. We know the other person will respond with the straight truth.

15. Helps me with so much.

I am a klutz, I trip over nothing, I don't understand how math works and most of the time, I am in my own world. He is the opposite; he is solid, he never trips, he is a pro at anything math and is in touch with reality. He keeps me in reality when it matters, catches me when I trip and answers any math question I have. It doesn't stop there; he is there whenever I need him, and that is just a blessing of its own.

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