The Grand Tour. Time To Kick It Into High Gear.
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The Grand Tour. Time To Kick It Into High Gear.

Are you ready to go Grand Touring? You should be.

The Grand Tour. Time To Kick It Into High Gear.

It has three members, all hailing from Britian.

Not Motorhead though.

Rock in peace, Lemmy.

In a month or so, it will be a year since Lemmy died. Time passes, life goes on.

Anyway, back to the greatest band....IN THE WORLD!!!

James May is the one with the open mouth and the punched looking face, Jeremy Clarkson is the tall one with the curly hair and Richard Hammond is the short one who retains, in spades, his boyish good looks and roguish charm.

Hammond and Clarkson joined a rebooted Top Gear in 2001, and James May joined in after the first season. From the beginning, the show was just unlike anything else that has been on television before or since. Crazy things, like an episode where they attached full size cars to nitrogen cannons, and replicated an Olympic ski jump with a jet engine attached to the inside of a Mini Cooper and shot it over a ramp an actual skier might use in attempt to get a medal. A helmet clad driver known only as the Stig takes all manner of cars around their test track on the very bleeding edge of their capable performance - from stock Volkswagens to the most souped up Lamborghini wedges - and every week celebrities also appear as the 'Star in the Reasonably Priced Car' segment and they also participate in interviews. The likes of Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Patrick Stewart, Slash and Margot Robbie have been on the show, so it is clearly a star puller.

People dismiss it as 'that show about cars with those 3 guys' but really, it's more a car based show if anything. The jokes, the gags, the sheer stupidity of some of the events they undertake leave the viewers in guaranteed splits. In addition to this cake of humor and vehicle based entertainment, three unctuous British accents make up the proverbial cherries atop the Top Gear confection.

Long story short, Jeremy was fired by the BBC for being less than cordial with one of the producers of Top Gear for not having warm food at the filming venue. It had been a long hard shoot, and Jeremy was tired out - naturally then, warm food is desirable but also necessary. How less than cordial? A punch to the side of the head.

Classic Clarkson. Hammond and May left shortly after, and a Top Gear with six new hosts has received ice cold receptions and a plummeting viewership. It was agreed that the BBC killed the golden goose, and were now trying to make a living off the eggs.

However. Amazon was waiting in the wings, and picked them up. The rumor mill went ballistic and slowly but surely, The Grand Tour was born. Top Gear without the health and safety stickers. Unlimited budget, better production value. The legal challenge of being unique yet a contemporary of Top Gear was dealt with using clever, tongue in cheek hilarity and inside jokes about their previous producers almost bordering on the subliminal. If there's one new tv show you're going to pick up the habit of before the year is out, make it The Grand Tour.

If you need convincing, here is Jeremy Clarkson driving a Rolls Royce into a swimming pool from the original Top Gear.

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