5 Of The Best Instrumental Guitarists You Should Know

There are tons of great guitarists out there, and I'm sure some of you know the major names like Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton, maybe even Eric Johnsons Cliffs of Dover. But I feel as though the instrumental guitarists do not get the fame that some of them deserve and here is a list of 5 of the top Instrumental guitarists that I can think of:

1. Andy James

Andy James is just insane. He combines metal traits with a great melody in each of his songs. I would bet to say he is the most technical guitarists within the field and every song just has the listener wanting more.

2. Angel Vivaldi

Similar to the guitarist above, he has a metal foundation and shreds great melodies over the tracks. He has done a number of pieces that all work together in a story-like album piece.

3. Marco Sfogli

Differing from the previous two, Marco does great ballad works. You feel as though each of his songs is saying a story and as is standard with ballads, his bends at the right time just force you to get in sync with the song.

4. Yngwie Malmsteen

Some would say the Malmsteen brought to life the Neoclassical instrumental movement within the guitar sphere. Many are quick to say that he is one of the best and has great songs to compliment this claim.

5. Chris Letchford and Travis Levrier

I included both of these guys seeings as they are in the same instrumental band. Both have a great way of playing clean melodies using tapping techniques that are unreal. Both have created wonderful melodies that work well with each other.

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