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Great Coffee, Great Music

Firecreek Coffee

Great Coffee, Great Music
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I'm a huge coffee drinker myself and love getting my daily dose of local places around town. Going to school in a small college town has its advantages when it comes to downtown Flagstaff and all the students and locals that hang around that scene. Every time I hang out in downtown Flagstaff, there's a good chance something is happening despite its size; especially at Firecreek Coffee.

Lemme give a quick rundown of this place. It's a bar, coffee shop, and concert arena in one. What could get better than a 3 in 1? Besides heading over there for its great cappuccinos and a nice place to study, they have some of the best concerts I've been to. I love a good musical atmosphere, especially where I can discover local bands and jam out and dance with strangers who more than likely end up being friends by the end of the night. With its intricate ceilings mingling with sparkling lights, colored backdrops, and good vibes being sent every which way, Firecreek Coffee always houses the best crowds.

To be honest, I've never really been disappointed with the music choice at their concerts. I get it, everyone has different music tastes and genres that they cling to and feel more comfortable with, but this place gets some sick local and non-local bands coming through. After jamming out at their concerts, I usually end up looking up the band on Instagram and Soundcloud because they end up being pretty impressive. As for some of my personal local favorites, I really dig Sol Drop, Tinybird, Four Cornered Room, and Nice Trip. A couple weeks back I discovered a band from North Carolina that played called Nude Party, which is one I can't stop listening to. Just last Wednesday, during their weekly Poetry Slam (did I mention they have poetry slams as well?) a band from Portland, OR called Cambrian Explosion played and they have some of the sickest music I've heard in a while. All of these bands have super talented musicians in them, and if it weren't for more places like Firecreek, there's no telling whether I would've discovered them or not.

As a college student who started out very much into partying, grabbing a cup of coffee and rocking out to good music with close friends is a lot more memorable by the end of the night, and has added a lot to my college experience thus far. Firecreek holds so many stories and experiences for many, including myself. The atmosphere is peaceful, but yet artsy and edgy. The baristas are super cool, the kind that you can easily slip into a conversation with, and I always run into someone interesting in that place, young or old. It's got this kind of magic, one that attracts and pleases almost all who walk in. I highly recommend checking out Firecreek's Facebook page to be in the loop about events happening, if not to simply grab a coffee before work. And don't forget to check out and support Flagstaff's local bands!

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