30 Things I'm Thankful For
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30 Things I'm Thankful For... Even Though 2018 Was Just As Sucky As 2017

Listen, 2018 was just as bad as 2017, and will probably be the same in 2019... but at least there are some things to be thankful for.


As seen from the title, 2018 was not the best. The majority was filled with panic and never-ending tears I think. But even so, there are small memorable things that I look back on and cherish personally. Which may otherwise be unimportant to you. Hopefully, though, it invites you to think back and maybe relate to similar experiences. I'm not saying that these things make 2018 the best year of my life (and honestly when has a best year been a thing, maybe during Gen Y time?) and nor does it make up for all the natural disasters that have ruined lives, the inability of governments to get there act together nor about how their (continued) inaction leads to unnecessary deaths. The whole point of this article is acknowledging these problems, but also to act as light memories in a dark time, because although there might never be any "best years", there will be warming moments to look back on.

1. I was able to attend and march in the 2018 Women's March

2. I started a new hobby that makes me happy and really did change my life

3. I became more passionate about cooking

4. I realized that the future that I imagined when I was younger isn't the future that I imagine for myself now

5. I became more passionate about writing

6. I feel the closest I've ever been to my family

7. I started and continue to question my sexuality (even though I end up confused)

8. I started projects that I hope to continue with later on

9. I'm discovering more and more about what I'm passionate about

10. I've learned that my parents can be wrong and that doesn't necessarily make them a bad person

11. With my parents, I've also learned that it's my job to educate them on their prejudices

12. I learned that it's okay to feel sad and lonely

13. But also that no one else is going to fix your problems but yourself.

14. I'm attempting to get help with my mental illness

15. For the close friends that I made in the last few months

16. For failures, even though it hurts me now, it will pay off in the end

17. For my 2 dogs

18. For my family and friends

19. Taking action in living a healthier lifestyle

20. Beginning to think positively about myself

21. Beginning to learn that the opinion that matters is your own

22. But to also not to be too full of yourself

23. For the Caliphate podcast, that renewed my love for journalism

24. To understand that it's okay to be unsure of your future

25. That I'm starting to learn to take insults with a grain of salt

26. For making the change to be more environmentally conscious

27. For being able to wake up to a new day

28. The 2018 Midterm Elections that renewed my love for politics

29. New music that I discovered

30. For being able to live a privileged life that not many have

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