Graduation To-Do List

For those of us graduating at the end of the semester, there seems to be a never ending list of things to do before the big day comes.

1. Packing

Packing everything you own and cleaning? Nothing could be more relaxing during finals week.

2. Cramming

If you decide to take a break from the packing, make sure to study for your final exams!

3. Paper Writing

Can't forget about those classes that have final research papers instead of exams! Hopefully you've done all your research and you only have to type things out.

4. Locker Cleaning

Before you leave the university, don't forget to clean out your gym locker!

5. Donating

If you're like me, you probably have a few random things that just aren't acceptable to own once you graduate, simply because you will never, ever use it again. Give it to a friend, take it to Goodwill; just don't take it home.

6. Throw Things Away

If something is just too broken or worn out for Goodwill, it may be time to part with it.

7. Sell Your Textbooks

For the last time, the bookstore will give you $10 for a book that you bought for $300 four months ago.

8. Save Any Important Papers

All Northern Michigan University students are given a Lenovo laptop. Upon graduation, you are given the option of buying the laptop, but everything will be wiped off of it before you can take it home. Be sure to have any important documents like resumes and any sentimental things you've written during your college years saved somewhere besides your NMU "craptop."

9. Recycle Your Notebooks

Say goodbye to the piles of old notebooks that you've kept for some reason!

10. Shop For Adult Clothes

You thought your wardrobe was pretty good for someone in their early twenties... Up until you counted just how many workplace appropriate outfits you have.

11. And Shoes

How many pairs of work appropriate shoes do you own? That's what I thought. Now off to DSW.

12. Check Up On Your Post-Grad Situation

By this point, you've spent months applying to graduate schools and for jobs. Hopefully you have a pretty clear picture of what you'll be doing after you receive your diploma, so you can spend this time arranging any last minute details.

13. Enjoy These Last Few Weeks

You finally made it! Congratulations, and enjoy your last weeks as an undergraduate.

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