20 Graduation Cap Ideas For The Senior Who Wants To Make All Their Peers Jealous

April is HERE, and you know what that means? GRADUATION IS A MONTH AWAY. If you're anything like me, you are mentally and emotionally crying happy tears right now. Your mind is set on graduation pictures, job applications, and... whatever you're putting on your graduation cap. Okay, maybe that's just me - but either way, I've scoped the best of the best (AKA every Pinterest board known to man) and found some pretty great ideas for your cap on the big day.

1. The "Friends" theme

The show that everyone, literally everyone, can't live without.

2. The Dory theme

I personally don't know a single person who doesn't love Dory... she's hilarious.

3. The brutally honest theme

I mean, we're just graduating... who knows?

4. The "Spongebob" theme.

Only four years? It feels like longer.

5. The "Harry Potter" theme

Who doesn't love Dobby?

6. The "Gilmore Girls" theme

One of my personal favorites.

7. The B.S. theme

I mean, I'm not gonna say it wasn't B.S...

8. The Disney castle theme

I mean, that just makes me want to go to Disney - pronto.

9. The "Peter Pan" theme

I swear, I need a one-way ticket to Neverland. Pronto.

10. The memory theme

This one is just a little too emotional for me, personally. I'm not trying to cry.

11. The "Mean Girls" theme

Mean girls exist... even in college.

12. The princess theme

What girl isn't waiting for her tiara?

13. The "Mulan" theme

Ahh, Muu-Shuu is the best. Point blank.

14. The wine theme

I went through my fair share of bottles.

15. The inspirational theme

Lord knows, all of us need inspiration.

16. The "Grey's Anatomy" theme

PLEASE. Please hire me.

17. The grad school theme

Because some of us just aren't ready for the real world yet.

18. The Bible verse theme

He got us this far, He's destined to get us much farther.

19. The debt theme

It's cost us a lifetime of debt, but here we are.

20. The school pride theme

Me? I'm True Blue - through and through! Hail Southern, and NO Place Else!

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