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Call Me Basic For How I Acted At Gov Ball, But I Regret Nothing

Roll your eyes when I wait an hour in line just to buy trendy food that you will see right away on my Snapchat story.

Erica Wriedt

Since 2011, The Governors Ball Music Festival has hosted some of the hottest artists who have hit the United States, as well as global top charts in music. This three-day event takes place on Randall's Island In New York. After a short walk over the RFK bridge on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, you are transported into an island of loud music, trendy foods, Instagram-able murals, and thousands of "those" teenagers. The teenagers and young adults who attend music festivals are typically thought of as "basic." They dress like hipsters and fall in love with indie bands. Call me what you want, but I still had a great time at Governor's Ball.

As I boarded the NJ Transit train to make my way into Manhattan, I was surrounded by teenagers who dressed just like me. People showered in glitter, boho style, and old fashion sunglasses were seen as most of the population heading to the music festival. Governors Ball set up four-sided large blocks that had a mural on each side. Each block stood tall in the sky and popped with many colors. You better believe that my friends and I were on a line of girls who wanted to take pictures in front of these murals to post on Instagram right away.

Right when it was over, these pictures were edited with the Huji app to give our pictures a vintage look, and I'm not sorry for that. Not only did we take lots of Instagram-able pictures and boomerangs, we also waited in line for quite some time to eat some of the trendiest food in New York City. We sipped out of watermelons and cooled down with fried ice cream. Before each artist performed, we hurried over to each stage to only be squished in between thousands of teens who wanted to dance around and scream for their favorite performer. We made our way through the mosh pit and had a great view of many of my favorite artists, and I wouldn't trade that experience for anything in the world.

So, yes, call me a "basic white girl" for attending a music festival and dressing like I belong there.

Go ahead and tell me I am taking too many pictures, and I edit them just like everyone else does.

Roll your eyes when I wait an hour in line just to buy trendy food that you will see right away on my Snapchat story.

Be jealous because I chose to be this way for a reason.

I made memories that will last a lifetime, I got to take pictures that I am able to look back on, I dressed in a way that I can show who I am, I saw my favorite performers up close and personal without having to sit in a seat miles away from a stage, and I danced around to enjoy life in the moment.

I did this all for a reason. I am who I am and I enjoy these special moments in life.

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