9 Thoughts That Goes Through Every Girl's Mind As She Watches "Gossip Girl"
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I recently jumped on the bandwagon and started watching Gossip Girl on Netflix. Even though I am only on season 2, I have compiled a list of 20 things that goes through every girl's mind as she watches Gossip Girl. You know you love me, xoxo gossip girl.

1. Serena is SO pretty!

Seriously, Blake Lively is gorgeous.

2. Why do Serena and Blair call each other S and B?

Like, does it take that much effort to say the person's full name? Or is this just a cool upper East side thing?

3. I love Blair, no I hate Blair.

It's really back and forth, so I have decided that Blair is someone that everyone loves to hate. And even though she can be somewhat of a mean girl and is essentially the Regina George of Gossip Girl, Blair seems to have a softer, nicer side to her. B is is truly complex.

4. Chuck is just really strange

Admit it, as much as we love to see Chuck and Blair together, Chuck is just kind of mysterious. Between his escapades with masked girls and his incredibly soothing and quiet voice, something about Chuck is off-putting.

5. Chuck and Blair are actually relationship goals.

Despite their strange relationship, C and B are truly the definition of relationship goals. Blair seems so happy when she is with Chuck, and vice versa. I really hope they actually end up together in the end of the series.

6. Dorota is so funny!

Blair's live-in maid is so mysterious and subtly hilarious. And her strong Polish accent makes her character even more funny.

7. Dan is undeniably perfect for Serena.

Dan, with charismatic, witty, kind personality is absolutely perfect for Serena. The two of them make such a perfect pair and are what some would call #relationshipgoals.

8. Oh Jenny, what are we going to do with you?!

Jenny Humphrey, Dan's little sister, (who everyone likes to call little J) is always up to something new. Whether it's dropping out of school to be homeschooled and pursue fashion design under the tutelage of Eleanor Waldorf, or leaving home to live with her friend Agnes, little J always seems like she is up to no good. Poor Rufus and Dan.

9. And finally, who could gossip girl possibly be?

Who could be running the infamous website? Who could possibly be so interested in the lives of the kids in the upper East side? I have some theories: it could potentially be Ms. Carr, the teacher that Dan supposedly had a "thing" with. It could also be Vanessa, the Humphrey's family-friend and Nate's girlfriend who lives in Brooklyn. I personally think that it could very well be Vanessa who is gossip girl because she has always wanted to "fit in" with the kids of the upper East side but never seems to be able to because she is homeschooled and lives in Brooklyn, while all the rest of the kids live in posh apartments and houses in the upper East side and all attend the same private school.

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