The GOP: (1854-2016)
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The GOP: (1854-2016)

The GOP is finally gone.

The GOP: (1854-2016)
Citizens for Trump

Republican Party - Doomed to collapse?

The 2016 election cycle has been the most bizarre and chaotic election in recent memory, perhaps even history. Only the elections of 1912 and 1968 can match the craziness we’ve seen in this current cycle. And those elections didn’t involve as much mudslinging and had generally reasonable candidates(except maybe Nixon who was getting a little paranoid). Both candidates are relatively unpopular; Hillary for being perceived as hawkish and fake, and Trump for being well Trump. Significant factions within their parties do not like them being the nominees; progressives have been reluctant to back Hillary and large portions of the Republican establishment and libertarians hate Trump’s guts. But one thing has become clear; the Democrats are still relatively unified and few progressives have defected to Jill Stein(thank God too).

The Republican party, however, has not been as lucky. Many establishment Republicans skipped the RNC, and many others, like Ted Cruz, didn’t really outright endorse Trump. And others, like Evan McMullin, said fuck it and decided to run their own obscure Presidential runs. Many, like Paul Ryan and John McCain, bited the bullet and backed him, while others, like Chris Christie, sold their soul to Trump. But with the recent tape that came out last weekend and Trump’s crazy second debate performance, his lukewarm support has evaporated among the establishment. With Trump facing allegations from multiple women of sexual misconduct and claiming Hillary is on drugs, the Republican party has plunged into motherfucking civil war. Paul Ryan and other GOP leaders have disavowed Trump, scrambling to protect their House and Senate majorities while effectively conceding this election. Trump supporters steadfastly cling to their candidate, while others are fleeing him in growing numbers.

It is quite clear that if this chaos and infighting continues, the GOP would probably suffer a devastating defeat this election cycle. The polls show that Hillary is likely to win in a landslide, with a slight edge in Arizona and strong leads in every swing state. Hell, if things go further south for Trump(maybe back across the border), she could win Georgia, Texas, and Utah. When even Utah goes Democratic, it is quite clear that the GOP is in dire straits. There is a good chance that it could collapse after this election is over, giving Democrats an unprecedented advantage.

This collapse would probably be in two factions; a right-wing populist Trumpist party backed by working class white voters and a traditional conservative party backed by social conservatives and big business. With the anti-Democrat vote split, the Democrats would be able to get things done without having to face a united GOP opposition. This would be a boon for progressives, who would finally be able to take pressing action on a variety of issues. It would enable the country to move past the Reagan Era and back to the era of the New Deal and the Great Society.

The Republican Party, since 1980, has been dominated by conservatives. These conservatives exiled many liberal and moderate Republicans(Rockefeller Republicans) and loudly called for cuts to government spending and intervention. Before then, many Republicans supported New Deal programs; they just wanted to manage them more efficiently and reduce waste. While they have been successful for a time, being able to cut taxes on the rich and force the Democrats to shift right on economic policy, their dominance has slowly waned with the financial crisis and stagnant economic recovery. It is quite clear that their policies have wrecked the American economy and have not provided any modicum of help to the average American. Trickle-down economics have led to stagnant wages for the middle and working classes and reduced social mobility in America; instead of investing in opportunities for our people, the gains have all gone to the 1 percent and income inequality has worsened.

The GOP, especially its Congressional representatives, has shown an increasingly fanatic devotion to conservative ideology; they have become very unwilling to compromise and get shit done. Instead of trying to do their jobs and help the American people, the GOP has nearly caused the government to default on its debt multiple times since 2010 and has caused the worst gridlock since 1946. Their “Do-Nothing Congress” has achieved almost nothing; Zika virus funding was delayed and no plans have been made to further strengthen the Affordable Care Act. The Republicans have voted to repeal Obamacare over 60 times, with Obama having to veto the result. It is quite clear that they don’t give a shit about helping the country or the American people; they just want their own way and shove their ideology on a country that doesn’t necessarily support it. The Republicans have engaged in numerous unnecessary standoffs and acts of obstructionism; the American people are tired of dealing with their bullshit.

The fact is, the average Joe in this country wants the government to make things better. They want jobs, cheaper healthcare, and affordable college for their kids; they don’t care much for ideology as long as their taxes don’t rise. The Democrats have plans designed to do just that; higher taxes on the rich are only supported by them because Democrats actually do care about the budget deficit and keeping the debt under control. The Democrats actually have a plan and its a lot more than just cut taxes and cut spending and hope the economy works. Democrats actually know something about economics and what works; they don’t just patronize free market theories that suit their ideology. They stand by Keynesianism, which is perhaps the most effective economic theory ever invented.


Because it works. It worked since the Great Depression and has helped in many places since then. The Republicans, rather than face reality and moderate their stances, have become even more radical and stubborn. They are out of touch with the country and quite frankly its time for them to collapse and disappear. That doesn’t mean America should become a one-party state run by the Democratic Party; that would not be democratic at all. Eventually divisions would arise and a new party would come back onto the scene with a more relevant ideology and base of support. Perhaps an ascendant Libertarian party or a party based on scientific reasoning and principles could arise and challenge the Democrats on identity politics, creating a more interesting contest of ideas and people. Maybe even enough for me to vote for them!
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