Unless of course you're staying in your dorm hall again.

But for most people, it's time to head out. Spring semesters are ending, most people have signed leases and rental agreements for the following semester(s), and are headed home for break. This has been some time coming. I myself know that I wasn't thrilled to be staying in the dorms at all, however I will say that they grew on me.

I don't know why, but to me it almost kind of feels like a rendition of that child's book "Goodnight Moon," just in a much more adult way and once I'm out I don't plan on waking up here ever again. In my opinion, it's still humorous to think about though:

"Goodbye neighbors that I never knew.

Goodbye homework desk that I never used.

Goodbye textured walls that literally always got in the way.

Goodbye bed where I experienced three breakdowns in one day.

Goodbye paint chips that I tore off the wall.

Goodbye dorm room that really saw me through it all."

And I'm sure there are even some more R rated memories for others, but my "boring" life was still a lot for me when I look back on the two semesters of college I spent on this half of a room. I originally didn't want to be here, but now, I think 30% of me may actually miss this.

I understand this more now, but your first college dorm room really becomes your home because it's the first place (for most) where you really stand on your own two feet away from home. My room was there, it was open, through studying for b.s. quizzes, coming back at 2 a.m. after an ice cream run at Lyon's Den, and any random drama in between.

Plus, I will say it was just so nice to live on campus and have free student transportation to most places.

However, our time here has come to an end. I've been here for eight months and now I can't wait to move everything to a completely different location off of campus (that is both sarcastic and an actual statement) and do it all over again.