One year. Adulthood. Wow.

It's crazy to think that as I'm growing older, adulthood is way closer than childhood. In the past 2 1/2 years in college, I feel like time has flown extremely fast.

I am shopping for business attire.

I am applying to internships.

I am looking to make my senior year schedule soon.

I am thinking about graduating college next Spring.

Wow. Time flies.

My mindset is different. My thoughts are different. My focus is different.

As I sit here writing this, my mind ponders to one specific topic. When I was little I always wondered how people became successful. How life just falls into place one day for some people, but others it does not. I was so mind blown in the past few years how "life" answered my questions for me.

Life is a crazy thing. It's something that is intangible to most but that one higher power.

We cannot predict how our adulthood will turn out, but we definitely can shape it in some way. As I looked back in time, I realized that my life was closer to adulthood verse my childhood. That is a scary but awesome thought.

21 years of my life has passed. We go from painting family stick figures to writing down our dream job to changing majors 3 times to being denied from a company. Life happens within the blink of an eye.

Our good old days of coloring in the dots and playing tag are over. Our full-time jobs are here, our time to invent ourselves has arrived, and it is our time for adulthood. As we approach adulthood verse childhood, we have so many different experiences that have shaped who we are individually.

Some good traits. Some bad traits. Some missing traits. But what we know for adulthood is what we want to achieve, where we want to be at the end, and the things we use to do it. Intelligence levels have obviously increased with maturity, but resources are so valuable in adult life more than children's lives.

Take this time with pure excitement.

When we begin a new chapter in our lives or prep for that period of time, our minds feel free and open. Our minds are clear for a new experience to settle in and push us onto the road. Don't walk too fast, adulthood comes within the blink of an eye.