To Comedy Central: Thank You For 'Broad City'

Comedy Central, Thank You For 'Broad City' And Its Platform For Controversial Topics

"The four R's my friend: reduce, reuse, recycle, Rihanna." - Ilana

Broad City Season 4, Episode 2

What started out as a web series in 2010 flourished into a full-fledged series on Comedy Central. "Broad City" follows the dynamic duo, Ilana and Abbi, around New York City as they get caught up in bizarre events.

Since "Broad City" premiered in 2014, It has been critically acclaimed universally. Entertainment Weekly put it best, "this is a deeply weird, weirdly sweet, and completely hilarious comedy, and if you don't at least give it a chance, you're kind of an idiot." Truer words were never spoken.

Like many good things in life, they must come to an end. "Broad City" announced their fifth season would be their final season; a day I knew would eventually come but hoped wouldn't. When one of your favorite shows announces they won't be returning, a part of you dies inside. Where else am I suppose to find comfort on my hardest days? Sure, I could go back to watching reruns of "The Office", but "Broad City" possessed a different kind of comedic relief.

The show opened up conversations regarding sexuality, equal rights, immigration, and among other controversial topics. "Broad City" provided a medium for these serious issues to be addressed and exemplified to their audience how important it is to be open-minded. From day one, Ilana and Abbi envisioned "Broad City" breaking boundaries and they did so on their terms.

They spent an entire season censoring Trump's name, showed us around New York City through the comfort of our living rooms, and reminded us how valuable our friendships are. When my best friend, the Ilana to my Abbi, sent me a link that officially announced the end of an era, I knew it couldn't be due to cancellation. Their decision to end the show broke my heart, but I respect their decision for doing so. In an interview with the New York Times, Ilana and Abbi stated it was time to move on and apply their creativity for new projects. When they were asked how it felt being nearly done with the show, Ilana had this to say:

"I'm finally starting to process it now. It feels like we have two babies, who are our inner children, and we're sending them off to college. You don't need us anymore."

As I reminisce upon the joy this show has brought to me and many others, their memorable episodes will live on forever, even if the show is coming to an end. I'm truly thankful for this show and that an episode like "Wisdom Teeth" exist. Most importantly, I'm thankful Amy Pohler provided a platform for these women to empower others with.

The final season of "Broad City" airs Thursday, January 24, at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central.

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