Still Not Emotionally Over The Fact That Anastasia Closed

I'm Still Not Emotionally Over The Fact That Anastasia Closed

Emotionally and theatrically, I'm still rather grumpy


Hi there, just a short little vent from your friendly local theatre kid.

NO! GOD NO! NOOOOOOOOO! (Insert Michael Scott Gif)

I won't go on for too long, I just need to officially get over the fact that the majesty that is the Anastasia musical has closed. This isn't an angry vent, more of a heartbroken one. I know that, even on opening night of a musical on Broadway, the closing is always looming, but I'm still bummed.

The show was off-Broadway in 2016, but it made its Broadway debut in April 2017. I discovered the soundtrack right at the height of graduating from high school, so I will forever tie the music to this poignant time in my life, but that's neither here nor there. Despite my emotional attachment, the music is amazing in and of itself, and it is that music (and so much more) that allowed Anastasia to kick butt on the Broadway stage for almost 2 years.

Amazing performers like Ramin Karimloo, Derek Klena, and Christy Altomare (just to name a few) help bring the story of the lost Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia to life for a captivated audience. A story of heartbreak and loss but also love and self-discovery, Anastasia offered a little something different to anyone and everyone who sat down in the theatre to watch it. It balanced so many emotions that the audience was left laughing then crying in one fell swoop, often occurring within moments of each other.

Funny numbers like The Countess and The Common Man and Learn To Do It make the audience want to clap and sing along while songs like In My Dreams and Close The Door make you want to openly weep from the audience. They portray the emotions the way someone who has lost seemingly everything would go through. My personal favorite of the musical, In A Crowd Of Thousands, marks a turning point for more than one main character, and it's one of my favorite songs in all of musical theatre.

At the end of the day, I'm simply sad to see such an amazing thing go before I ever got to see it on Broadway (although I was lucky enough to see the traveling show), but I live in hope that this amazing story and musical will soon see the revival it so greatly deserves.

If you are a theatre kid, and even if you're not, take an hour and a half out of your day to listen to the music. It's beautiful from start to finish and definitely deserves listen.

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18 Broadway Songs That Will Make You Want To Choreograph Them

Get out your character shoes, it's time to dance

Ever hear a show tune and instantly want to choreograph a number to it? Ever staged an all ensemble dance number? Ever see yourself teaching choreo to the Broadway cast of "A Chorus Line?" Well then this list might be for you.

1. "La Vie Boheme" - Rent

Anyone else want to come up with staging and choreography for one of the most iconic numbers in musical theatre history?

2. "Big Fun" - Heathers the Musical

Though this musical never made it to Broadway, I know you are dancing to it anyway.

3. "Hair" - Hair

Hairography, anyone?

4. "Saturday Night In The City" - The Wedding Singer

High energy and just makes you wanna go out and show off.

5. Time Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show

6. "Mamma Mia" - Mamma Mia

Don't all theatre kids already know the choreo for this?

7. "Bend and Snap" - Legally Blonde the Musical

"Do it, and we'll go away." Seriously, bend and snap.

8. Staying Alive - Saturday Night Fever

No explanation needed here.

9. "Footloose" - Footloose

10. "Totally F****d" - Spring Awakening

Anyone else want to jump around on stage and curse like a sailor simultaneously?

11. "Brand New Day" - The Wiz

Anyone want to put a flash mob together with this song?!

12. "Do Your Own Thing" - Bring It On: The Musical

Tumbling and musical theatre in one musical is what this show is all about. Can we put every song on this list?

13. "Dancing Through Life" - Wicked

Time for the whole cast to dance together.

14. "Get Ready/Dancing in the Street" - Motown the Musical

This whole show is a throwback but the best blast to the past you could ask for.

15. "Revolting Children" - Matilda the Musical

These kids freaking kick ass in this number. It is insane.

16. "Money" - Cabaret

I can see it now.

17. "Don't Stop Believin'" - Rock of Ages

If New Directions can do it, we can too!

18. "Anything You Can Do" - Annie Get Your Gun

This number is basically a dance off.

Cover Image Credit: Bucks County Playhouse

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We Need To Give Theatre At Festivals A Chance

Watching theater being performed outdoors and in smaller places is the old way of watching shows.


With May being about Mental Health awareness, It shows that we need to expose people to the arts more often. The Orlando Fringe Festival is the longest running festival in the Orlando area. It provides an accessible and affordable outlet to bring the community together to create experiences through the arts. This festival takes place around the Loch Haven Park for about 2 weeks leading up to Memorial Day. It has around 500 uncensored performances each year and has something for all ages. Imagine something like this in every city. I feel like it would bring up the morale of each of the populations and get that vitamin D that everyone needs.

The artists that put in for the Orlando Fringe go through an application process and the cool part is for those outside Orlando that there is housing guaranteed for up to 4 people. That's something you don't hear everyday especially if the event lasts about two weeks. A festival like this is good for the soul and also good for the wallet. It gets people out into the community and provides exposure to the arts in an age-appropriate way. It provides an opportunity for people to go outside and enjoy the weather as we transition into summer. It's a perfect way for artists to showcase their craft and to expand their creativity. Its a prime example of why we should never stop learning.

If you are heading to Orlando Fringe from May 13th to 26th. I would check out multiple shows. Through talking to some of the artists, I found that the "How to Eat A Bear" Show is one of the shows to see. Luke Balagia and Mack Stine are the directors of the show. The show is based off a weird joke on a dating profile for Luke. These two met in an improv class 4 years ago and have been creating material ever since. They refuse to call it working because of it not being "Baller." It is a perfect example of if you do something you love, you never work a day in your life. With all of the love and care put into this, why wouldn't you want to go see it? The alternative is two men in the theater crying...

How To Eat A Bear Flyer Orlando Fringe

Imagine if the world was exposed to more of the arts, how much less mental health issues. Why do you think there is art therapy for those with mental health therapy. I've noticed that when people attend any celebration of the arts that they are happier people and make the best conversationalists. Being able to provide an alternative perspective on life is a beautiful gift that not a lot of people can give. With festivals like The Orlando Fringe, it provides a cheaper way to view the arts while going out into the community. Would you rather be stuck inside doing nothing or go out into the community and learn something about the arts?

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