My favorite show, since the summer before my senior year of high school, was "The Fosters", and when Freeform announced that the show was coming to an end, it felt like my world ended. Well, that's kind of dramatic, but after five years of watching the show, I became attached to these characters, so to hear the show was ending... it was very upsetting.

But, thankfully, Freeform did not just let the Adams-Foster Family end in June 2018. The spinoff series, "Good Trouble", premiered January 8, 2019, and WOW, it was amazing!

"Good Trouble" follows Callie and Mariana Adams-Foster who are fresh out of college. With their new jobs, being new to Los Angeles, and new to the world of adulting, the two girls are bound to some slip-ups and a whole lot of drama! The first episode did not disappoint.

In the first episode, Callie and Mariana find out that their U-haul truck has been towed and everything inside has been stolen. Callie is not impressed with their new communal living situation and learns that Mariana chose to live there mainly because a guy she has a crush on also lives there, whom Callie does not know and got pretty intimate with this guy.

Both girls have a hard time adapting to their jobs and are humiliated by their boss and HR. But in true Freeform fashion, there are moments of love and laughter for Callie and Mariana as their new lives begin to take shape.

I was very pleased with the first episode of "Good Trouble", and I have high hopes for the show. Such as "The Fosters", this show will allow for conversation and connecting people of all backgrounds. I believe "Good Trouble" will show the ups and the downs of those who are just entering the adult world in an appropriate manner and not a belittling way, like how some shows joke of the millennial lifestyle.

With the moms no longer around all the time, I see a whole lot of trouble headed in the girls' direction. But no worries, Callie and Mariana will always have each others' backs.

I give "Good Trouble" five stars! I cannot wait to see what they have in store for this season and hopefully many more seasons to come!