Best Rated Mattress - Get A Good Night Sleep
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Best Rated Mattress - Get A Good Night Sleep

Get a Good Night Sleep

Best Rated Mattress - Get A Good Night Sleep

Customer's preference when it comes to choice of mattress varies a lot. Some want it hard while others would prefer for a springier type. With so many kinds of mattresses that one can select from, we cannot tell which among of them offers maximum comfort and relaxation. But based on customer satisfaction and rating, I have here a list of the best-rated mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress type was developed under NASA's Ames Research Center in 1966 which was first use as a safety cushion for aircraft. The main characteristic of this one that it is denser compared to other mattresses like inner spring. It also provides enough back support and does not easily drop which makes it ideal for those who have suffered from osteoarthritis or illnesses related to joint pains because of its firmness. This is also made of a material that is less likely to generate dust and mites which may cause allergy and skin reactions.

Air Mattress

According to an independent site that conducts surveys and reviews customer satisfaction and feedback, this kind of mattress is regarded as the one of the best-rated mattress garnering an 80 % customer rating. Mattress of this kind uses inflatable and adjustable air chambers wherein you can freely adjust its firmness. Experts say that air mattress has a distributing property, which it automatically distributes the weight of your body evenly into the bed thus reducing pressure points. And since this is an inflatable and handy type, it can be used in many forms. You can use it for sleeping during nighttime, or you can bring it outside and may use it as a camping gear.

Water Mattress

This type of mattress is basically made of vinyl and its component is 90% water or gel material. For more than 40 years of existence, water mattress has gained its popularity and success due to the comfort that it gives to its users. Since this is basically composed of water and water is known to provide therapeutic relief and ease especially for those suffering from insomnia, hence this kind of mattress is a great choice. Another characteristic of this is that it molds the shape of your body contour thus preventing muscle and joint pains. Best of all, the life span of water mattress is longer compared to other types.

Latex Mattress

In terms of usage and popularity, this type is the most common among all mattresses. A latex mattress is made of Caoutchouc tree making it very environment and ecologically friendly. Latex bed is also biodegradable and recyclable. Compared to other variety of mattress, this one is springier making it softer to use and thus it gives maximum comfort to the user. And because it is made of soft component, it allows the sleeper to move freely and easily. For those who are prone to dust allergies, this one is a good pick because it is made of a material that is resistant to dust. Most of all, it is made of breathable properties making it cooler during summer and provides warmth when winter or cold season making it a one of the best-rated mattress.

All in all, a best-rated mattress should be something that can provide maximum ease and comfort to the user. But the bottom line is; only the user can tell which among these varieties can be a great choice.

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