Good Girls Exist, But They Don't Put Up With Disrespect

In a world where everything is meant to be easy and convenient, girls have become almost disposable. In a time when relationships are made and broken via a quick text, the art of the relationship has been lost to speed dating.

Guys don't want to put the time or effort into pursuing a girl, waiting for the girl, getting the girl and then keeping the girl.

They text you hi, want to learn all about you in one evening of texting — which usually focuses on "are you interested in having s__" — meet for dinner (if you're lucky) where they take you to their place (or car) for s__. And then the next day you are lucky if you get an "it's been nice" text.

And they do it all over again with someone else.

Being a "good girl" doesn't mean anything anymore. Guys don't care if you've been with one guy or 100 dudes. They just want another notch on their belt. It's almost like a video game to them. Instead of how many cars can you steal on "Grand Theft Auto," it's how many girls can you hook up with while spending the least amount of time with them.

Do guys even know what the word "virgin" means anymore? A word that used to be held in high esteem now seems to almost have a negative connotation.

I'd like to tell guys out there that we are worth the wait.

The girls that don't hook up with everyone, are loyal, faithful and loving. These girls are out there waiting for you. We are worth your time, attention and affection. We will be by your side through the good times and the bad times. We don't expect much and are happy to cuddle while watching Netflix with you.

We will hand you a wrench while you fix your car. We know you like to play video games with your friends and won't bug you while you do. We won't sleep with your best friend and you can actually trust us. But know that we are not going to be easy — we have self-respect and expect your respect.

One day you are going to want a girl like this — a girl who is waiting for a guy that can appreciate a girl like this.

And then you will know that we were worth the wait.

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