Success Is Great, But Failure Is Better

Success Is Great, But Failure Is Better

Fail and fail often.

Don’t let success get to your head, but don’t let failure get to your heart. Know that things don’t always work out as planned, and that is OK!

For many millennials, it’s easiest to just give up when something doesn’t go your way. But take heart. Success is great, but failure is better. The reality is, you’re going to fail... a lot.

Failure does not mean your idea was not good or that your dream isn’t valid.

Failure means you have more to learn.

Failure is GOOD.

It shows you that you did something wrong and that you need to take a redirection. It’s an opportunity to come back stronger with a better attack plan. It’s a second chance.

Having failed many times in my life, there’s one thing for sure: failing sucks. It sucks being disappointed. It sucks not succeeding on the first try. However, you can learn to become a good failure.

Failing is inevitable, which is why it is important to learn from our mistakes. You’ll learn more from a single failure than a lifetime of success. Here’s what you can do when you mess up: accept what you can’t change, keep an open mind, maintain a positive attitude, and know that nothing will be perfect.

When I was a sophomore in high school, I was on an engineering team at my school. I was extremely confident in our abilities as a team, so when we didn’t advance to the world finals, I was devastated. The next year, however, my team placed second at the national competition, and we advanced to the world finals. If I had allowed that initial failure to consume me, I wouldn’t have been successful the next year.

It was not easy to advance to the world finals, but because I took my previous failure as a learning opportunity, my team succeeded. I knew I couldn’t change the past, so I didn’t focus on it. I kept an open mind about the competition and did not allow my bitterness to harden me, thus maintaining a positive attitude. My team wasn’t perfect, and I knew that. But I knew if we worked hard, we would succeed. We did.

Every failure is feedback on how to improve. Nothing works unless you do, and nothing works exactly the way you want it to. Failure is life’s greatest teacher; it’s nothing to be scared of. If we are so focused on not failing, we will never succeed.

So fail, and fail often.

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10 Reasons Why Girls On Their Periods During Finals Week Deserve An Immediate A+

Hear me out.


Finals season is coming, the end of another college semester. It is the mark for another semester to start, but before that can happen, all of us have to pass all of our finals! I personally have five exams. It sucks because that just means more studying to do and all I wanna do is lay in bed, binge-eat snacks, and watch movies on Netflix. And on top of that, I'm praying that my time of the month doesn't just randomly pop up. Here's why.

1. Cramps

I honestly don't need to write about how much that shit hurts. See, cramps aren't just a normal stomachache. It's a volcano of knives torpedoing your stomach. It feels as if your organs are being twisted, and the worst thing is, it breaks away your concentration. So if I was in the middle of an exam, I wouldn't have enough time to pop an Advil in my mouth before my cramps just go through the roof with that HIGH PITCHED intensity. I have to hide that pain with a smile on my face? Fuck no.

2. Fatigue

On top of that pain gushing from your stomach, there is most definitely gonna be a knockout of a cloud of grogginess covering your eyes almost immediately. Staring at that exam sheet has never been so difficult. Opening your eyes would be more difficult.

3. Food cravings at the most annoying times

After reading the exam questions, you wanna either drink something or eat something. The worst thing is, you can't eat. You can't down your whole water bottle in the crowded lecture hall either if you don't want people judging or staring at you. Worst of all, the hunger you most likely feel will be intensified by three or four.

Looking at the clock, you start rapidly counting down the minutes until you get the hell out of there to run to the dining halls. Except you still have another hour and 10 minutes. Fuck. The exam just started. You gotta bury that sinking feeling in your stomach and ignore the hunger pains.

4. Emotions out of nowhere

When it used to be internal tears while you're reading your textbook or doing math problems, now it's full blown tears sliding down your cheek and filling up on your worksheets. Before long, the words won't be legible, for the paper will be wet, and you have to print out more copies from your school printer. Suddenly, another tear rolls down your cheek. Oh no.

5. Zoning out

You don't know what the fuck you are doing. During the last 10 minutes of your exam, you suddenly find yourself just ZONED OUT. No better way to describe it: all of your memorized vocab and math formulas just leave your head, leaving you with a state of empty air. You struggle to take it back, but you just find yourself grasping at the air bubbles above your head.

6. Constantly feeling fat

Yup. Constantly feeling fat and complaining about it. Picking at your stomach fat. Going to the salad bar on campus and trying to exercise with that bloated belly but simultaneously wanting to eat a whole meat market. How come I can never win?

7. Being an unorganized mess

That room that you cleaned two weeks ago is irritating you. In fact, everything is, everything that is organized is. Seconds later, all your shit is on the floor. And you're not gonna pick it up anytime soon.

8. One word: binge-eating

What's better than studying or cramming? Binge-eating, of course! All your leftover tuition money is going toward snacks! Just don't regret it afterwards, sweetheart, when you're trying to buy textbooks for next semester.

9. Isolation

Who cares about friends? At this moment in time, when your period hits your life, you drop your friends, just like that. Personally, I start ghosting them (no offense). It's just when my period hits, I don't have that energy to socialize. I just have that mindset of locking myself in my room and eating snacks in the dark with some loud-ass rock music to keep me going.

10. Catching those Z's

It's finals season anyway. So before you start letting those waterworks out, the better answer is to cozy up and catch those ZZZ's.

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