In a stressful moment, it may be impossible to see past the bad. Because when life hands us a troubling, challenging situation, bouncing back immediately isn't usually in the picture. With a chaotic schedule, bills that are due and a mind that needs rest, life can be daunting and discouraging.

Whether you recognize it or not, you've bounced back from most of the misfortunes in your life. You've been a problem solver for your own life, and maybe others.

Even if you've succeed in finding peace just to be set back the next day, that's okay. What matters is that you've tried to make a better life for yourself despite the odds being stacked against you.

That's not to say that there are always bad days. At some point in each of our lives we've been somewhere uncomfortable, in a mental state that was troubling, or a place where we've felt nothing but fear.

Maybe, you're still in that place.

You haven't had your epiphany, and you haven't woken up unafraid of what's to come.

Maybe you've just come out of that place.

You could even potentially be on your way to greatness right this second.

No matter where you rest, it's important to remember that good days are coming. Today could be a good day, tomorrow could not and vice-versa.

It's important to remember and believe that good days are coming.

You can call me crazy but like most people in the world, I know how dark it can be. I also know that believing good will come is the sole reason you may come out of the dark place you're in.

That belief alone could be your only hope, the driving force that helps you get to where your happiest, most peaceful place.

You may have an entire day full of beautiful peace, or maybe even a brief moment. I hope that you can find solace in the little wonders in the world in case finding full days of happiness is hard.

Not everyday will be a good day, not everyday will be a bad day. But if you can remember your best days, if you can smile when you see the sun peaking through the clouds, your burdens will lessen.

It's hard to believe that the smallest things will bring you peace. They will, they were put on this earth for a reason. Wild flowers don't bloom without a little rain and sunshine, that goes for you too. So try to find a little bit of good when you're stressed out, upset, feeling down or hopeless.

This recognition that there is still good in the world will help you through the troubles that are weighing on you.

The moment when your mind and body find peace again will come, and a rush of relief will wash over you. Positive minds will find positive vibes. "Thoughts become things."

You will find your way to happy, better days if you put full faith in the fact that they will come.

I can't tell you exactly when but I do know if you continue to believe in the good in the world, good will fall into your hands when it's least expected.