Good Bye Dorm

My first year of college is officially over, and now I'm moving out of my dorm and into an apartment. It's been a crazy journey to where I am now, but I'm grateful for every second.

My dorm has been a very special place for me and my friends. At times I was very annoyed to be in it, and honestly, I'm a bit excited to get out of it, but I'm still thankful for every experience that I've had in it. My room ended up being squad lair, so of course, there are many memories of my friends go crazy. From twerk battles to movie dates, my room brought many experiences that I wouldn't trade for the world.

The friends I've made at the college have truly changed my life. I'm the most open I have ever been in my life and I'm happy for all the people I've met. I'm also happy that as I pack and get ready to move to a new place I also have friends that I will be familiar faces.

My classes have officially ended and I can say that college is way different than high school. It's, however, a wonderful experience and it really teaches you how to interact with others and handle a large workload. Teachers are far more lenient than high school teachers say and honestly more down to earth in many cases.

All of these things are what go through my mind as I pack my stuff and prepare for a new chapter in my life. It's strange to think that in just an hour I'll be gone and done with a room and housing system that I've come so accustomed to in the last year. I'm also thinking about how I and my roommates managed to keep so much stuff in such a small room( We literally have an entire couch in here).

I've been writing this article for a while. As I move out I add more stuff and I'm trying to document what I think as I pack and leave. I'm now officially about to look away from my dorm... the first walls that I lived in without my parents...a place where I met the greatest people I've ever known... It's over.

Thank you my little dorm for taking care of me. Just make sure you do the same for the next person who lives with you.

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