Growing up in a small town had its perks; things were (relatively) normal, traffic was never horrendous and although there usually wasn't anything to do we adventured and explored and made-do with what we had. When I graduated from high school everyone was so excited to step into their next adventure. Everyone was so ready to leave our hometown and never look back. We were taught to spread our wings and fly. We were taught to leave the nest, to travel far, to see great things. Whether you've already left home or you're anxiously waiting to leave your nest, here are some things you may not realize that you'll miss.

1. A Home Cooked Meal

As fantastic as college food can be, after eating the same chicken basket twelve days in a row you will begin to miss a nice, fresh home cooked meal as compared to fast-food.

2. Back-Roads with no traffic

Most colleges are in highly populated areas which means traffic can be crazy. There is nothing like driving on a small back road and having virtually no traffic as compared to sitting in traffic on the interstate.

3. Friday Night Lights

"In little towns like mine, that's all they've got...The Boys of Fall" -Kenny Chesney, The Boys of Fall

It will be weird not being in the student section. It will be weird seeing old friends. You're gonna miss being a part of the game and not just being a spectator. You'll see your friends posting pictures and you'll oddly miss dressing up like a fool and loosing your voice every Friday night.

4. Your People

"These are my people" -Rodney Atkins

You won't realize it but you will miss the lady that sits behind you in church. You'll miss the guy who always checked you out at Walmart. You'll miss seeing your favorite teacher or administrator. You'll miss your favorite co-worker. You'll forget the people who made an impact on you in the slightest ways. You'll miss seeing your friends. You'll miss your people.

5. Home

As much as you love your campus, as much as you love your dorm.. there really is no place like home. There's nothing more satisfactory than waking up and walking outside and smelling the air around you. There's nothing quite like the smell of home, and trust me, even if you aren't aware, you've been longing for it.