You're Gonna Miss This

We are all rushing our lives away.

You're guilty. I'm guilty. Let's be real, we all are.

We rush away every single day. Every single week. Every single semester.

College is hard.

It's all boring lectures and homework.

It's all exams and essays.

It's constant worrying if you're going to make it.

And wondering what the heck you're going to do with your life once it's over if you DO make it.

It's not all lolly-pops and gum-drops, that's for sure.

So we rush it by.

If we can just make it to Friday.

Or better yet if we can just make it to graduation.

We even try to convince ourselves that if we can just make it through these 4 years that life will be easier.

We'll find our dream job, marry our dream spouse, build our dream home and maybe even have a few kids. Life will be good then.

Maybe life will be good then, but what about right now?

What are we missing out on by rushing time away...

Life is short. We aren't promised tomorrow

As morbid as it might sound, it's true. Life can be taken in an instant so seize the moment and just live a little!

This is the last chance we'll get to focus on just "us"

For the last season of our lives we are only responsible ourselves. We don't have a real job yet, or a spouse or kids. Soak in your selfishness because one day it won't be about you anymore.

For the last time, for the rest of our lives, our biggest stress will be passing 'that' exam

It's true. In a few years 'that' exam will seem like a piece of cake compared to being a *gasp* real adult.

You won't live a walk (or room) away from your friends forever

Don't take advantage of being able to grab every meal with you BFF or walk into her room because duh, she's your roomie.

These are the memories we'll want to remember

Someday we're going to be old and wrinkly and our college stories better be worth sharing while we're talking to our new roomies, in wheel chairs, at the nursing home

College education is such a privilege

Not everyone gets the opportunity to further their education after high-school.

It's going to fly by

Before we know it we'll be in graduation gowns.

So soak it all in my fellow college students. This is only a season. We're going to blink and we'll be entering the real world.

And that's a much scarier thought than passing 'that' exam or eating week old Ramen..

So put away your iPhone for five minutes. Put off studying for an hour. Maybe even smell some flowers.

Whatever you do...


Because what Trace Adkin's sings is true.

We're gonna miss this
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