I was talking to some friends today and we realized we have exactly 35 days until we are done with the semester. Which means 35 days until we move out of the dorm. 35 days until we are no longer freshman.

I just watched the last episode of Friends so I was already feeling sentimental but now I'm reflecting on what all has happened in the last 8 months. I moved away from home, into a tiny little box, joined a sorority, met some amazing people, watched the Dawgs play an unforgettable season, took many trips to Cookout, spent countless hours studying, and ate way too many cookies from the dining hall.

And as much as I hate community bathrooms, leaving Brumby is going to be hard. Never again will I be able to walk 20 feet down the hall and be in a room surrounded by friends. It literally takes 60 seconds to walk to see my closest friends. For the last 8 months, I have spent more time in Brumby than anywhere else. It's where we've grown closer while growing up, where we've had movie nights and all-nighters, where we've celebrated birthdays and milestones. Some of my greatest memories from freshman year have been in Brumby.

While I'm so unbelievably excited for summer, I'm not ready to leave freshman year in the past either. I've never really liked goodbyes but I have a feeling saying goodbye to freshman year might be the hardest one yet. If these next 3 years fly by as fast as this one did, my college days will be gone in a blink of an eye. People told me at the beginning of the year that freshman year will be the best and I can say, it's sure going to be hard to top it.

"When I think about college days // It's not just the class you take // No, it's more about the buddies you make // You'll remember all your life" - Granger Smith