As if we needed any more reason to love her, Meryl Streep just accepted two awards at the 74th annual Golden Globe Awards - one recognizing her lifetime achievement and honoring her as one of the most esteemed entertainers - the Cecil B. DeMille award - and the other for her fervent desire to support everyone from the LGBT community to the Committee to Protect Journalists. For those who haven't heard her harmonious arrangement of acceptance speech and ode to humanitarianism, it is definitely not one to be overlooked. Claimed to be 'the best actress of her generation' by many, but too humble to accept the title, Yale alum and three time recipient of the illustrious Academy Award, Streep has graced us with some of the best in modern cinematography, taking on the roles of everyone she's vowed to safeguard - making it a simple act of respect from one person to the next. Here are just 10 more reasons to love her.

1. When she donated Prada.

Miranda Priestly was obviously the worst and best thing to happen to us as we saw Andrea's career crumble only to get put back together again. As devilishly fabulous as her character was in the film, Meryl herself actually ended up donating her entire movie wardrobe to a charity auction. Even when Meryl isn't Meryl, she's teaching everyone lessons.

2. She can dance, she can jive.

There can never be a dull moment around Meryl - literally. Also singing and dancing with Amanda Seyfried in Greece - not Grease, which she could've totally taken - is kind of a dream come true so we're glad it happened to you, Mer.

3. That time Obama named her one of the greatest actors in the nation.

Flashback to that time she kind of received the highest form of recognition for dedication to public service - the Presidential Medal of Freedom. These things don't happen everyday.

4. She's fearless.

Bold and beautiful even in orange at the 2016 Public Theater Gala in New York City - which of course also benefitted Free Shakespeare in the Park. Wreck 'em.

5. She's timeless.

Always a stunner. Enough said.

6. Even when she doesn't win, she wins.

When Leo's time finally came during the 2015 Oscars, Meryl, holding her own record for most nominations for an academy award ever (19!), had probably the best reaction.

7. She's honest and genuine.

Who else can pull off such an unrehearsed sense of humor and authenticity?

8. She has creepy down.

Who doesn't want Sondheim himself to write us a song?

9. She has captured the hearts of several generations.

30 Golden Globe nominations.

10. She always plays the lead.

Whether on screen or in real life, Meryl possesses an unparalleled sense of purpose and passion that shines through everything she does. She's a beacon of hope for any aspiring actress seeking to take the lead and anything but overrated. For that we love her.

11. She'll always go the extra mile.

And so will we, that's why this list has 11 rather than 10 parts - we could all strive to be a little more like Meryl.