How The Cast Of 'His Dark Materials' Compares To 'The Golden Compass'

How The Cast Of 'His Dark Materials' Compares To 'The Golden Compass'

Many fans are excited for this serial revamp of the novels after the 2007 movie was a commercial and critical flop.


The beloved (and riled) fantasy book series, 'His Dark Materials', were released by author Philip Pullman between 1995 and 2000. The trilogy has won multiple awards and was voted third on the list of Britain's most beloved novels, just under 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'Lord of the Rings'.

In 2007, New Line Cinemas released 'The Golden Compass', the film adaption of the first novel, with the intention of sequels for the other two books in the series. However, it was rejected from just about every direction and is one of the most notorious box office failures of all time. The film release was plagued by religious groups protesting and despite a $180 million dollar budget, the film only recouped $70 million at the domestic box office. Fans of the books were angered by the change to the ending of the story, made in favor of more generic, audience-friendly blockbuster. As a result, the sequels never materialized.

In 2018, the BBC and HBO announced their take on the books in the form of a TV series, set to premiere in late 2019. Fans were hopeful since a TV series often allows for more plot detail and development.

While it remains to be seen how true the TV series will stay to the story, how does the cast of the TV series compare against the film and the characters in the novel?

1. Lyra Belacqua

Netflix / HBO

Portrayed by Dakota Blue Richards in the film (2007) and by Dafne Keen in the TV series (2019 - ?).


2. Pantalaimon

Netflix / HBO

CGI has improved over the last twelve years.

3. Lord Asriel

Netflix / HBO

Portrayed by Daniel Craig in the film (2007) and by James McAvoy in the TV series (2019 - ?).

4. Marisa Coulter

Netflix / HBO

Portrayed by Nicole Kidman in the film (2007) and by Ruth Wilson in the TV series (2019 - ?).

5. The golden monkey

Netflix / HBO

Ms. Coulter's dæmon's name is never revealed.

6. Roger Parslow

Netflix / HBO

This sweet cinnamon roll is portrayed by Ben Walker in the film (2007) and by Lewin Lloyd in the TV series (2019 - ?).

7. Billy Costa

Netflix / HBO

Portrayed by Charlie Rowe in the film (2007) and by Tyler Howitt in the TV series (2019 - ?).

8. Lee Scoresby

Netflix / HBO

You can't deny the genius casting choice of Sam Elliott in the film (2007), but it'll be exciting to see Lin-Manuel Miranda's take in the TV series (2019 - ?).

9. Iorek Byrnison

Netflix / HBO

He looks pretty much the same.

10. Serafina Pekkala

Netflix / HBO

Portrayed by Eva Green in the film (2007) and by Ruta Gedmintas in the TV series (2019 - ?).

11. Lord John Faa

Netflix / HBO

Portrayed by Jim Carter in the film (2007) and by Lucian Msamati in the TV series (2019 - ?).

12. Ma Costa

Netflix / HBO

Portrayed by Clare Higgins in the film (2007) and by Anne-Marie Duff in the TV series (2019 - ?).

13. Farder Coram

Netflix / HBO

Portrayed by Tom Courtenay in the film (2007) and by James Cosmo in the TV series (2019 - ?).

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