Going To The Beach
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Going To The Beach

Expectations versus reality

Going To The Beach
Photo by Sam Wheeler on Unsplash

It's summer time. Many of us love a good trip to the beach. But unfortunately, it never ends up as picturesque as we had hoped. Often times, it goes like this...

Beach hair don't care; knotted nest.

Beautiful tan skin; red as a lobster.

Graceful walks down the beach; walking like a baby giraffe across the shifting sand.

Having a nicely packed picnic lunch; handfuls of sand in every bite.

Driving 60 with the windows down and the radio blasting; stuck in a parking lot of traffic.

Meeting cute beach boys; being surrounded by twelve years olds and their parents.

Having the perfect beach playlist; your speaker dying.

Getting a nice break from the sun under the umbrella; chasing your inside out umbrella down the beach.

A refreshing dive into the waves; being knocked over and losing your bathing suit.

Finding that perfect shell; finding only the tiniest broken piece of it.

Crystal clear water; attack of the seaweed.

Getting that perfect Instagram; people walking through the background judging you.

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