This one day changed my life for the better, unfortunately I didn't see it like that in the beginning.

Over one year ago my boyfriend at the time and I broke up. If you saw me that day you would know I was heartbroken. I was standing in the middle of an airport on my way home from a 2 week trip in Europe and all I was looking forward to was talking to him and seeing him. But in that moment I was alone and sad. For months after that (7 months to be exact) I was doubting who I was, my worth, my beauty, and that breakup. While he continued on with his life (getting a long time gf) I was continuing to think about him. After about 5 months passed I was sitting in the car with my best friend driving home one night and she turned and said to me "If someone wants to be a part of your life they'll make it happen. Actions speak louder then words and at some point you'll get sick and tired of justifying their actions and hoping it will happen. Kylie you deserve a great love. If it's meant to be then it will be." That moment put everything into perspective.

I think as girls we make the mistake of missing the relationship not the one we were in it with. I finally realized that I was missing the feeling of being loved, always having someone with me, having my best friend. But I didn't miss him. Although our relationship was amazing and it taught me so many thing and I truly cherish each and every memory, a true love wouldn't have broken my heart. But he did. And as much as our relationship was great it was so very flawed. And I realized I shouldn't be missing a relationship that was so broken. I shouldn't miss a relationship that always made me second guess everything I did, hurt me, had so many fights, and I shouldn't miss a relationship with a guy who clearly didn't want me. After realizing this I finally started to better myself. I no longer feel like I'm not worthy, I no longer feel unloved, and I no longer feel like I need a guy. I missed the relationship, but now I know when the real love of my life comes around, the guy that God intends that I marry, I will no longer wonder why it didn't work out with any other guy. That relationship will be full of love, kindness, and Gods plan.

July 30th, 2016 is the day that will always remind me that Gods plan is much bigger then mine, and better.