Thanking God

Poetry on Odyssey: God, Thank You.

Thank you God because it has all led me to You.

I've felt tired

I've felt weak

Didn't know where to run

Then I came to Him

And lay it down at His feet

Some people don't understand why I'm so zealous about my faith

Some people don't understand what changed or what caused me to be this way

Let me tell you in the simplest of terms:

I once was lost

But now I am found

I once was dead

But now I'm alive

When my mind was wreaking havoc

And there was no peace near

That's when He found me

And He changed everything

So I just want to say God, thank you

For the trials and struggles that brought me to You

For the long nights

And tear stained pillows

For the heartbreak

For the doubt

For the worry

Because only then could I see that you were at work

And only then could I open my heart to You

So thank you God because it's all led me to You.

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