When God gives you a little sister, He is giving you a family.

Through having a strong bond with my little sister, I've learned so much about what it means to be family. Sometimes all you have is your little sister. Sometimes, you will be all she has too. Sisterhood is much deeper than immediate family since we all know that doesn't always hold up. You're making choices for not just yourself but for her too.

When God gives you a little sister, He is gifting you with loyalty.

Having a little sister to confide in makes life so much more fun. She will help dress you, tag along with you and you will create memories that you can always look back on together. Sure, she will be blunt at times but she will never turn her back on you. The friendship you have is stronger than any other because with a little sister blood is thicker than water.

When God gives you a little sister, He is looking to teach you His virtues.

When you are on opposite sides of an agreement or when your little sister steals your clothes, your sisterhood will test your patience. As the older sibling, there are times where you must be courageous while she watches. You may fail but your little sister learns through you. Through all the good and bad your sisterhood will shape you. As you learn the virtues of God together, your sisterhood will strengthen.

When God gives you a little sister, He is teaching you that all good things come to those who wait.

She will follow you around, she will copy you and she will bug you to no end. You think that having a sister is the biggest pain God could present you. But at the end of the day what would you do without your "mini-me?"

When God gives you little sister, you become a role model.

Your sister will learn everything from you. There's no pressure to be perfect but as you grow up together you will rub off on her. Her goofy, younger self will always impact your character too. However, she is always watching you, learning from you, and sometimes mocking you. When you see her making good choices because of your actions, He will be proud of you both.

When God gives you a little sister, there will never be a dull moment when you're together.

Growing up with someone who is always by your side makes life very entertaining. No trip is boring, no holiday is laugh-less. Nothing else matters when you are with your little sister because you are having the time of your life celebrating your sisterhood at all times.

When God gives you a little sister he wants you to lead her into His direction.

Take her to church. Teach her to be compassionate. Make sure she knows her roots and knows that God is there when you cannot be.

When God gives you a little sister, you will be thankful every single day.

Your sister is your best friend. When all else fails you have your little sister to call and talk to about any and all of life's problems. The memories you have will bring a smile to your face whenever you need it. You will always have something to look forward to when God gives you a little sister.