God Always Exceeds My Expectations

Gods been going above and beyond to show me His love over the past few weeks.

I once was lost. Lost in my worries and fears about the unknown. Uncomfortable and insecure about my place.I felt like I was never going to amount to anything and if I'm honest, I felt completely defeated. I felt no sense of love. Yes, there were others around me who spoke words of encouragement, but I was so dead-set on this idea that I was unloved and unwanted, that I couldn't grasp the words they were speaking to me. But it's so amazing to me. So, amazing how the God of the universe, works in such a magnificent and deliberate way.

At my lowest point, He spoke to me in just the right way. Through the most random email, He showed me that I have worth. My passions, goals and heart for others, has meaning. He provided a love that had been there all along, but that was hidden behind my own doubts and fears. He wrapped me up in words of affirmation and love, and these words gave me a sense of peace. He has opened doors that I didn't even know existed, and placed opportunities in front of mean that I never thought I was good enough for.

Oh, what a loving Father we have. He knows each one of us to our core. He is a Father whose heart aches for His beloved children. He aches for us to know the magnitude to which he loves us. He aches for us to fully comprehend are worth found in Him. He aches to see His beloved adventure into the unknown with the purest of joy. He aches to see me fall head-over-heels, in love with Him. Oh, what a wonderful Father I have.

So, I stand here in awe of the love God has provided for me over the past few weeks, but also, I stand here amazed by the love He will continue to provide for me and all his children, forever more.

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