Goal Setting And Meditation

Goal Setting And Meditation

Goal setting in relation to meditation and other aspects of life.


Goal setting is a known benefit for our lives in the modern world. With the modern world comes the rush of life and responsibilities. There comes a time when people say that there is too much on their plates that being meditating can not be done. Well that is not true, unless every minute of a day is scheduled for a certain event or task, there will always be time to meditate.

Now relating back to goal setting, we as a society value those with goals in mind. So much so that we even teach goal setting in classes in grade school. As individuals, goal setting is a very big key part in keeping ourselves happy and under control. It is when people try to do away with goals, or do not make goals all together, that problems arise. When we do not make goals we open ourselves up to procrastination and problems with organization.

When procrastination becomes a problem, life in general can become halted. This is because when someone procrastinates, they have to have a huge block of time to do the work before a deadline is due. In this cause, people have to rush to get their work or project done, which increases stress. This increase in stress can cause irritability and even sickness. Being irritable can cause situations where aggressive actions take place and people can be hurt. Another side effect of procrastination is the loss of sleep. When someone pushes off work or a project for so long, they might have to work on the project for long periods of time. These long periods of time decrease the amount of sleep a person gets. This decrease in the amount of sleep can increase the risk of illness.

Life also can be altered due to the decrease in time related to social life. The longer someone puts off a task the more time they would have to devote to that task later. That means less time spent with those that person has relationships with. To clarify relationships, this could mean family, friends, significant other, etc. All these apply and will be harmed potentially with the amount of procrastination that was achieved.

Procrastination is an issue, and the way to get around that is by setting goals. Goals allow people to organize time and put effort into things over certain time periods and not procrastinate. To create these goals, a person must be mindful in what they want to achieve. To start this process, a person must take a step back and see what in there life needs help. After they figure out what the problem area is they can then set a goal. With any goal, an acceptance of the amount of work that goal requires is needed. Without this acceptance, the goal will fail. Once this acceptance is reached, then the planning to achieving this goal can come to be. Once all these steps have been completed, then the determination to stick to the goal come into play. Every day that goal has not been reached requires constant effort and determination.

Let’s say that the problem area is that someone wants to have more time to meditate. They first take a step back and understand that the time they meditating is lacking, so they need to make more time to meditate. After seeing these details they can come back and accept the fact that more time will need to be created. This person realizes that in order to meditate more, they would need to stop playing so many video games. The person accepts this ordeal and then starts everyday taking ten minutes from playing video games to meditate.

This way of thinking and goal setting allows for the person setting the goals to reach their potential and not to procrastinate as much. It increase the amount of time for others and themselves and provides a mindful way of going about their days and to enjoy life.

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