Monday night was considered as college football history for both Clemson and Freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Clemson University and the University of Alabama played the college national championship on Monday, January 7 at San Jose's Levi's Stadium. Clemson won the fourth round of its rivalry against Alabama by knockout. The Clemson Tigers became as one of the most dominant performances as a viewer had ever seen against a Nick Saban-coached Alabama team by a glorious win on Monday's national championship with a final score of 44-16. With the victory, Clemson became the first major college football program to go 15-0 in record ever since Penn achieved that mark in 1897. Clemson was in a lead, but Alabama made a poor choice throughout their game that cost them the entire thing. Even though Alabama was down by 15 points after its two quarters, there was still a pathway back into the game through a quick strike with an offense and a defensive stop. Nick Saban's team drove down the field to start its second half, but then the Alabama coaching staff resulted in making the worst decision of the night. With Clemson still lined up in its defense, Alabama decided to pull off a fake field goal, which unfortunately ended in a two-yard loss by backup quarterback Mac Jones. By the time they were within the third play, this is when Freshman Quarterback Trevor Lawrence showcased his football talent when he hit Ross for a 74-yard touchdown pass that closed off Clemson's second title in three yards under Dabo Swinney (Clemson coach). Lawrence finished the game with a 347 passing yard and three touchdowns. Lawrence's impressive play during the game is already buzzing NFL recruitment. The Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence finished off his football season with one of the most memorable and impressive plays for his freshman season in recent history on Monday night. His remarkable performance against the University of Alabama in the college football national championships has to lead to the NFL to team plot on how they can get him, while he still has 2 more years to go until he can officially take part on playing for the pros. An ex-Clemson and current NFL star, Deshaun Watson, said after Monday nights game: "My man is a true freshman, he's got at least two more years [in college] to do work. He's gonna be a legend. He already is. People know that now." Lawrence's impressive skill and talent have people talking already. It wouldn't be a surprise if we see him in the big leagues anytime soon and at such a remarkable young age. Myself not being a major football fan was very intrigued in watching this football game. In fact, my parents and I gathered into our living room to watch the game which in fact was held 5 minutes away from our house. By the end of the night, we heard a vast crowd celebrating the Clemson's win. Lawrence from then has most likely made a positive influence on young boys around the country to strive their hardest in order to strive for their goals. Lawrence is a young 19 years old who helped carry his football team to their ultimate victory to the end of the season.