20 Reasons To Go Greek

Depending on where you go to college, there is a chance you have a Greek system at your school.

And you may have tossed up the idea of whether or not to go through recruitment. Many people join the Greek Life at their college or university for reasons specific to them, however there are many benefits that happen when you join.

Here are just 20 of them:

1. You make friends for life, not just four years

2. You get to meet people who have the same values as you

3. You have opportunities to advance within your chapter

4. You gain conversation skills

5. You learn to manage your time because you have different events to attend each week

6. You get to join a long standing tradition

7. You get to attend really awesome events/trips

8. You get to wear your specific letters

9. You get to help out a certain cause with your philanthropy

10. You have opportunities to connect with alumni or sisters/brothers at different colleges

11. You learn how to prioritize different tasks

12. You have leadership opportunities

13. You have many opportunities to become involved on campus

14. You get to dress up twice a year for semi-formal and formal

15. You get to apply to certain scholarships

16. You have support from your sisters/brothers

17. You will always have something to do when you have chapter every week

18. You get to call your friends your sisters/brothers

19. You are able to prove television and movie stereotypes wrong

20. You get to make lifelong memories

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