Go Dairy Free This Summer—Your Skin Will Thank You

I don't know about you, but I love milk.

Growing up, I was the kid who drank a glass with every meal, anywhere. You could always spot me with a sundae, or a dripping slice of pizza, eaten New York-style.

So why would I give it all up?

The answer: to lose my cystic acne. Below are pictures of me in August 2018, the day I gave up dairy.

August 16th, 2018

Now, I'd tried every skincare tip in the book. Low key, I was addicted to shopping for new products that might clear my ever-present breakouts. Sephora was my frequent stop, and my bathroom shelves were stocked with every brand from Belif to Neogen to Olehenriksen to Drunk Elephant; the list goes on and on. Yet I'd made minimal progress.

Me, literally every morning. Giphy

I stumbled upon a study where a group of volunteers were split up into two groups: one ate dairy, one abstained. Each group used the same skincare that was appropriate for their skin types. This program lasted for some time, and overwhelmingly, the non-dairy group had much clearer skin.

Convinced, I immediately rid the house of all dairy. It wasn't easy: I had cravings for a month, and gave in at times. But as I'm typing this, 10 months later, I have seen results.

Below are pictures of me from this last month, not FaceTuned at all.

June 2019https://www.instagram.com/samarnesun/

The difference is clear—I have few acne bumps and my skin's texture has been reduced. I've also noticed improvements in my emotional state, and how I carry myself.

My self-confidence has been revitalized. I feel way more comfortable going out in public without anything on my skin. It's really a magical feeling, where you can own what you are—glowed up or "woke up like this."

You can look like this too—sans makeup, of course. Giphy

Additionally, I've been encouraged to eat WAY healthier just by virtue of cutting out dairy. I can't eat a whole host of yummy treats: pizza, ice cream, and anything with large amounts of dairy.

Living this way has connected me to people who do the same, even if they were just strangers beforehand. It's another interesting talking piece, bolstered by the fact that you've chosen to abstain. People wonder why, and you can enlighten them.

Go dairy free this summer. Sis, get yourself some almond milk. Your skin will thank you.


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