Glossier is modern and minimalist. Not to mention, also very simple to use.

I tried Glossier in May and I have been obsessed since. They have so many products, it's hard to choose just one!

Boy brow, a very popular item by them, helps to keep your eyebrow in shape and to look fuller. Let's just say, this can be the only thing you need to wear this summer for makeup.

Who doesn't feel confident when the brows are looking amazing? Cloud paint, another very popular item, is their way of blush. You basically PAINT your blush on. I just love using this, just for that effect.

Their mascara is also very good! These are the only three items you need for makeup this summer, it's such a minimalist look and routine.

Set aside from the makeup, Glossier also has skincare. I've always had trouble with my skin and I will tell you one thing, using their skincare has cleared up my skin and my skin has never felt better.

To make it easy, I purchased their skincare set. It's a cleanser, moisturizer, and balm dotcom. The set is made up of your daily essentials. The cleanser itself just feels AMAZING on your skin, it's basically conditioner but for your skin.

The moisturizer is also great. It hydrates your skin while minimizing redness. Balm dotcom helps to soothe dry skin. It comes in so many flavors. This stuff is so different from chapsticks, I like it just a little bit better.

Glossier has serums, masks, fragrances, lipgloss, eyeshadow, highlighter, concealer, just everything you need. Glossier is a great brand if you're looking for a minimalist routine in your life. Their products are so easy to use and I am positive you won't be disappointed.