Lent has finally arrived. Usually a short time before this all the Christians begin to think about what they will be giving up for the season. This is all very typical as most of you know. It's second nature to most people. Personally, I haven't given up anything the past few years because I'm too weak to give up chocolate, tv, or social media. Regardless, this does not make me any less of a person.

Not everyone can relate to the dilemma of finding something to give up for Lent, but chances are you know at least someone who talks about it. It can get annoying when they keep asking what they should give up, but it's even more annoying when they start talking about what they gave up. I can assure you that nobody on the face of this planet cares that you gave up soda for 40 days.

Why does giving up soda make you a better person? Will someone please explain this concept to me, because I'm not sure I'm understanding.

Giving up something for Lent doesn't make up for all that sinning you did during the rest of the year. I'm not saying you shouldn't give something up or anything because it's part of the tradition, but really it is not the end of the world if you don't. You aren't some hero if you decide to give up candy.

If you want to actually be impactful, why don't you try adding something in your life rather than taking something away? You could try to give someone a compliment everyday or pick up trash any time you see it. You should probably do these things every day regardless, but if you usually don't it would be a great time to start.