Life can get a little hectic sometimes. Between a full-time job, side jobs, writing, taking care of a pet, etc, it can all become too much. As an adult, you go to college, work crazy hours, take on multiple tasks, balance relationships and friendships and family time all while trying to be the best you can be and to live a happy life. It's overwhelming and you know what? Nobody taught us how to deal with all of that in high school, they didn't teach us how to "adult." Nobody prepared us for this new chapter in our lives and it's no wonder people are struggling so much these days with stress and anxiety. It's all just too much.

A nine-to-five job isn't everyone's cup of tea, but most of us have to do it. Your work day isn't really eight hours. You have to add in the time it takes you to get ready in the morning plus your commute to and from work. Really, you're looking at about a 12 hour day. You come home, make/eat dinner, watch some TV, get ready for bed and do it all over again. How much free time do you get for yourself? That's not enough time to de-stress from your day at all.

Being an adult is exhausting and emotionally draining. How can we remedy this? Give yourself a mental health day, whether it be on the weekends or one day during the week that you can take off of work. You had plans this weekend, but you're already stressed thinking about it? Cancel. Listen, it's okay to cancel your plans, to turn down plans. We're allowed to give ourselves a break. We're allowed to say no to plans. We're allowed to stay home and relax. Whether that means reading a good book, watching tv, going to the beach, whatever it is, do it.

We need it, and I think more people need to understand this.