Give That College Student Some Credit, They ARE Trying

For some reason everyone has this idea that if you got into college you are a genius. I can tell you personally that's not true at all. I barely studied in high school. I just did the minimum required to get out of that class with at least a C. So the moment you enter college people expect you to be able to handle the 100 different things that are being thrown at you.

Professors are assuming that you were taught certain things in high school even though you have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. So you fall behind and try your best to understand. That's where the stress of college begins. It is definitely not where it ends though.

On top of your classes there is the social dynamic of college. Everyone is so worried about partying and having a good time that it can be hard to forget why you're really there. It can be hard to try and resist the urge to goof off and go party so you might fall behind. You're just trying to relieve a little bit of the stress that's being thrown on you.

Then there is financials. Money is always going to be tight. It is so hard to get ahead as a college student. If you get lucky and get a good job, it is hard to balance that job and your schoolwork. Also this takes away from any time you might have to actually try and have a social life.

Then the worst part is the homesickness. You have moved away from the home you've known all your life. For me, it is being five hours away from everyone who loves me and supported me my entire life. So that can add a lot of stress. It isn't easy finding a strong support system in college, but I've been lucky for sure.

The main thing I'm trying to tell everyone reading this article is that, college students are trying. We are doing our very best to try and prepare for our future. It is a lot of pressure thrown onto a person at a relatively young age. So the next time you hear a college student complain, don't roll your eyes and ignore them. Just hear them out. They are going through a very stressful time.

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