Why You Should Give Cooking A Try

Why You Should Give Cooking A Try

Who doesn't like a good home cooked meal?

I was taught to cook at a young age and have loved it ever since. I meet people all the time in college who don't know how to cook other than ramen, grilled cheese, water, etc... And I find it crazy that people don't know how to make their own foods. The creation of food is a beautiful art that everyone can taste.

My girlfriend and I love to cook dinners and try new foods together. I'd say it's our favorite hobby. We hop on Pinterest and search for food that we think we'd enjoy. Then we just buy the ingredients we need and go home and cook it up.

I have no research on this, but I think that people are afraid to try and cook. I could be completely wrong, but that's a theory. Cooking is not too complicated; it's mostly heating up pots and pans and putting food in them and turning it over or mixing it before it burns. If the recipe states to do something that I don't know how to do, I go on youtube.com and search how to do it.

I even went through a phase where I would binge-watch Gordon Ramsay demonstration videos. It really inspired me to get in the kitchen and try to do what he did. I know he gets mixed reviews based off of his T.V. shows, but he is an excellent teacher.

Watching him makes me appreciate food more and more.
The one motive behind cooking is getting to taste your work. It's rewarding to spend sometimes over an hour on a meal, working hard to make sure that everything is cooked to perfection and finally getting to sit down and see if everything lives up to the test.

There is not another feeling quite like it.

The next best feeling to that is when other people get to taste your creations and love it. Watching people's faces when they take a bite of your food and tell you how great it is is amazing.

Another great thing about cooking your own meals is that you save a bunch of money. One time, my friends and I made stuffed chicken parmesan for 5 people. The total cost of the ingredients we needed came to around $45. That comes to $9 a person. If we had gone out to eat at Olive Garden, the chicken parmesan would have cost about $15 a person.

When you're cooking, you decide what you get to eat. Have you ever been craving something but not be able to get it because no establishments around you don't have it? Of course, you have; we've all been through it. You can say goodbye to those days.

The worst thing that could happen is that you burn the food, mess up the recipe, or just don't like it. When you don't follow the recipe and don't realize it, it makes for a great story later.

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7 Best Breakfast Spots In Southwest Florida

You probably won't have room for lunch.

The best breakfast spots in Southwest Florida. I try to write what I'm passionate about and this week I am getting down to the basics and writing about what makes my heart happy — food. More specifically, breakfast!

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is arguably the best meal of the day as well. Next time you wake up hungry (I'll be honest, I wake up hungry every day) skip the normal IHOP chain and try one of my favorite breakfast spots in SWFL. Your stomach will thank you later.

1. Marti's

Don't be afraid if you walk in the door and you're the only person under the age of 75 in the building. I promise the food is worth it, inexpensive, and the old people are super sweet and will all want to talk to you. If you're lucky Marti might even stop by your table to visit. Pro tip: I recommend the homemade biscuits.

2. Sunflower Cafe

Now if the line is too long at Marti's you can continue down San Carlos Blvd. towards Fort Myers Beach and try Sunflower Cafe. You'll feel like you went back in time by 20 years but don't worry, the food comes out faster than a speeding ticket.

3. Munch Box

So you woke up on Fort Myers Beach and don't want to spend $50 on breakfast at your snobby hotel. Munch Box is the answer, plus I just really like the name.

4. Bonita Brunch


5. Over Easy Cafe

A colorful, rooster decorated breakfast joint on Sanibel Island that has every breakfast item you could possibly imagine.

6. McGregor Cafe

A fun, outdoor atmosphere that is open breakfast lunch and dinner.

7. Bennetts

Can you say doughnuts? No, I didn't say Dunkin Donuts. Freshly roasted coffee and homemade specialty doughnuts are more like it.

Maybe next week I'll write about the best gyms in SWFL so you can shred your breakfast weight.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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7 Vegan Meals Even Meat-Eaters Will Think Are Bloody Good

If you could have your meat and eat it too, wouldn’t you?

Everyone has that one friend or family member that automatically thinks your food is gross because it's vegan. If they tasted any of these recipes, they wouldn't even think it was vegan.

These meals will comfort people who like the taste but hate the torture and make meat-eaters more open-minded about vegan food.

1. Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

This recipe from Hot For Food makes the best cauliflower wings ever. I've played around with a few different recipes, and this is the one that stuck. There are many different vegan ranch recipes or you can get a bottle of Just Ranch or Daiya's dairy-free ranch dressing.

2. Beast Burger

You can get these burgers in the vegetarian meat section at Meijer. They are so unbelievably close to meat that it even starts out pink and browns as you cook it. The blend of veggies used to make this burger is packed with calcium, iron, protein and many other essential vitamins and nutrients. If you like cheese on your burgers, you can try Daiya cheddar cheese slices.

3. Chicken Quesadillas with Spicy Ranch

This recipe is super easy. All you need is vegan chicken strips, cheese shreds, tortillas, dairy-free ranch and hot sauce. To make the spicy ranch you mix hot sauce and ranch together. I use Beyond Chicken, Daiya cheese shreds and Just Ranch.

4. Buffalo Tofu-Scramble Breakfast Tacos

This recipe is one of many favorites from the peta2 website. Instead of eating it as a taco, now I roll them into burritos with field roast sausage in it too. It adds a little extra protein and makes it a lot more portable.

5. Steak Tips

Gardien's beef-less tips taste like steak without the cruelty, and they are amazing with A1 sauce and bell peppers. These steak tips will impress your stubborn dad, grandpa or uncle who thinks you eat leaves for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

6. Jackfruit Chili Cheesesteak Sandwich

From tacos to pulled pork, to chili cheesesteak, the options are pretty much endless. One jackfruit can grow up to 100 lbs!

7. Many Recipes In THIS Cookbook

Peta's Vegan College Cookbook is one of my favorite cookbooks. This cookbook has hundreds of really simple vegan recipes with cheap ingredients. This cookbook includes breakfast, soups, salads, sandwiches, dinner, snacks, drinks, sauces and sections of recipes using peanut butter, ramen or potatoes. There are many recipes included that meat-eaters will love, such as the Cheat Meat Lovers BBQ Pizza or Buffalo Chicken Tinders.

Cover Image Credit: Lexi Hammond

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