Spring has arrived, finals are in the near future, but above all else, formal season is here! Whether or not you're a jumpsuit kinda gal, here is a comprehensive list of all the people you'll probably see at your spring formal.

1. The One Who Pregamed WAY Too Hard

You know who they are and can spot them from a million miles away. Sure, we ALL like a good pregame before heading out to the venue, especially if you're not 21. But most of us like to make it to the venue and remember it, maybe buy a drink or two there. Calm down, my friend, there is plenty of time to drink responsibly at the event without puking all over your date's shoes. Class it up.

2.  The Sad Boi

Some people become the life of the party when they drink. Others just get really freaking sad. You know, the person who's crying at the table about they're ex-S.O. never really loved them, or they'll never find love or really anything. Sometimes you're that person. Lend them a hand if you see them this time around.

3. The Party Animal

Contrary to the Sad Boi, the Party Animal is the person who wants everyone dancing, no matter how badly your shoes hurt. They're definitely the person in the middle of the dance floor, breaking it down to "Every Time We Touch" while throwing back another drink.

4. The Table Top Dancer

They're like the Party Animal, only on a table.

5. The Photographer

There's always one person who brings a professional camera to the venue and spends the entire evening shooting pictures of their friends. You can usually find them by following the camera flash around the venue. Be friends with this person, you could use some solid pictures to spice up your Instagram feed. Plus, how often are you dressed up that nice?

6. The Couple

There are always those couples who are basically attached at the hip. If you see one half, the other is usually not far away. It's cute but definitely doesn't help the Sad Boi be less sad. They always come out with really awesome pictures though.

7. Everyone’s Best Friend

Don't even bother trying to find this person, because they are bouncing around the venue from group to group saying hi to everyone they know.

8. The Mom Friend

This is the person who walks around with water the entire night, not only just for themselves, but for all their friends who definitely drank too much. They're the person who left Powerade and pretzels on their desk for when they get home.

9. The One Who Wants to Fight Everyone

Alright, some people get sad when they're drunk. Others get really happy. Still, there are those who just really wanna fight people. Don't be that person. Don't let your friends be that person. Fighting isn't fun for anyone.

10. The One Who Stays By The Food

One of the best things about formal is that sometimes, the venue has really awesome food (the fan favorite is chicken nuggets). Some people are really excited about the bar aspect of formal. Others park themselves right next to the table being filled with fresh chicken nuggets. They have their priorities straight.

11. The Girl Who Compliments Everyone In The Bathroom

Some girls get so nice when they drink. There's always one at every party who you meet in the bathroom. Sometimes you're crying about your ex (because he's a jerk) and she's the girl to give you the pep talk you need to wipe off your mascara and get back on the dance floor with your friends.

Formals are great. They're an opportunity to dress up, have a couple drinks and laugh with your friends. It's a time to shoot your shot with that girl you've wanted to talk to since, like, forever. Whichever person you end up being at formal, please follow the one rule: don't be a dick.