You are probably more than likely the girl that tried out for a sports team in high school and made the team. Even though you made the team, you had your spot right there on the bench. Yet you showed up to every practice and every game.

You are probably the girl who took advanced classes but got asked "Why are you in here?" or "How did you get in this class?" Yet you showed up every day and took the notes every night.

You are probably the girl that applied for colleges hearing voices telling you not to. Yet you still got accepted.

It seems as if your whole life you have had somebody looking down on you telling you that what you are doing isn't meant for you. That every time you get excited about something new in life, someone comes along and drags you down making you second guess yourself. It more than likely probably seems like you will never make it out of the shadows of doubt that have been placed over you. You will make it out though.

Every person who has turned you away or shot you down will be proven wrong.

Maybe you don't have the natural ability to shoot a basketball or run super fast, but you have gut and determination. You will try harder than any other person on the court or on the track. You will show up to every practice ready to be challenged, and prepared to exert all the energy in your body. You will show up to every game in your uniform prepared for your name to be called because one day you know it will.

There have been times where you have almost let the light dull from your determined soul, but you didn't. You are still sitting there in that class you were told you would fail, studying. You probably study harder than anyone else in that room, but you don't care because it is who you are. Every time you get a grade back, and your heart sinks or your mind-races you know it's because you can try harder, and so you do. You probably stay up for hours on end going over your notes and your quizzes trying to see where you went wrong, and where you went right. You do all this work because you know when it comes down to it you will pass the class.

There probably times where you got rejected from schools. There were times where you thought you didn't have any options left and you had exhausted your resources. Yet you still got into school, and you are not taking any days for granted. You probably take advantage of every event, every resource offered to you.

You probably hear the statistics of failure rates, and your heart thuds a little, and you feel the sweat of panic. Yet you know that if you just show up, and give it your all that is more than half your classmates can say. You know that at the end of your four years when you go to graduation you will have given it your everything to earn that degree and it will be that much sweeter.

I know how you feel, I have been that girl. I have stood in front of people that have told me I will never reach my goals. I have been told that I should try to do something else, something more "my speed."

The truth is that if you try and you really try, nothing is above your speed, nothing is above you. If you try and you really try, you will prove them all wrong and leave them wondering how you did it. You will leave feeling accomplished, happy and as though the world is at your fingertips because it is.

So no matter what they say you can do it; you can do anything.