10 things all avid coffee drinkers know to be true

Coffee has become a staple in most people's lives. It doesn't matter if you are an over worked worker or an over worked college student, coffee is in your diet. And not only that, but it makes up most of your diet.

There is no second thoughts when going to get the coffee in the morning and again in the afternoon and probably again in the evening. But it doesn't matter because no matter how much you drink, you are almost immune to the caffeine highs now. Coffee makes this world go round and it no doubt makes my day go round. But there are a few things that all (more than two) coffee a day drinkers know to be true.

You have to constantly ask yourself "Did I drink water today?"


Honestly this happens way too much to me and it might be an issue.

Your day does not start until you've had a least one cup of coffee


Do not talk to me until I have made my coffee trip

If you don't get that coffee by a certain time, the withdrawal headache starts to set in 


And no matter how many coffees you have to make up for the late start, the headache WILL NOT go away all day

The people at Starbucks (or your coffee shop) know you by name and even car 


I am known as blue Mazda or girl with black wiener dog.

Who needs food in the morning when theres coffee


I mean I do still eat breakfast, but is it really necessary when I drink a giant coffee, no. Is this incredibly bad for me, yes.

Coffee has water in it, right? 


It counts for something, right?

If you're late to something, its because you had to get coffee


I cannot tell you how many classes I have been late to and have shown up with coffee in my hand. It is not a good look thats for sure.

You walk into every class, meeting, or work day with a coffee in your hand 


Even if I'm not late, I'm still walking in a coffee in my hand.

You wonder what life was like before coffee shops 


Did people drink coffee? How did they start their days? How did they survive?

Coffee is the greatest part of your day 


Yes, there are other amazing things that happen during my day. So, this is a slight exaggeration, maybe.

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