Basic things all girls are guilty of.

Naturally, certain holidays bring out the basic in girls.

Whether it lies within the clothes we wear or the things we say and/or do, it seems to be normal to fall into these holiday habits. Halloween and New Year's are definitely tied for second in this list, but the Fourt of July wins first prize.

The Fourth of July is one of those holidays where girls just can't help but do "basic" things. I am definitely guilty of it.

Here are five basic things girls can't help but do on the country's holiday.

1. Add bandanas to their outfits.

It's almost like if you're not wearing a bandana on July 4th, you're not allowed. Whether it's being worn in your hair or wrapped around your thigh, it's definitely still basic.

2. Giant American flags.

How many times do you scroll down and see girls in their red, white and blue outfits (and bandana, of course) standing infront of a giant American Flag. For some reason, it's just the thing now.

3. Converse

Guaranteed almost every girl out there took out the white high-top converse for the occasion.

4. Five minute long Snapchat stories of fireworks.

I checked Snapchat at around 8 PM on the Fourth and every single one (not kidding) had at least five minutes worth of fireworks.

5. Corny Instagram captions.

I can't even count. Almost every caption I saw (including my own) was average at best. How exactly are you supposed to caption a picture on July 4th of you and your girlfriends other than, "Brought to you courtesy of the red, white and blue"?

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