Every Girl You See At A College Pregame, As Told By Will Smith

Every Girl You See At A College Pregame, As Told By Will Smith

Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool

If you're doing college the right way and you join a club, Greek life, or just make some decent friends, you will eventually find yourself getting ready to go out one night. Unless you're not on a budget, the smart college student pregames the bars or whatever social event they are going to. When you walk into one of these pregames, you're bound to run into one of these girls channeling their inner Will Smith.

1. The dancing queen

Country, hip-hop, pop... it doesn't matter! Catch Julia in the middle gettin' jiggy wit' it.

2. The photographer

Katy is always with a group of girls or guys taking a selfie, get ready to be on her Snapchat tonight.

3. The underdresser

Becky doesn't give a damn if it's a themed party, she's showing up as is and you can deal with it.

4. The girl who insists on being iced

Yes, Rachel, we know it was you who hid the Smirnoff. We love you anyway.

5. The girl who cooks in the middle of the pregame

Becky, your macaroni was not worth almost catching the apartment on fire.

6. The girl freaking out because she forgot she has an assignment due at 11:59

Going to the bars > five-page papers.

7. The girl talking smack about another girl she doesn't like at the pregame

She has more gall than I ever will.

8. The girl singing every song on the aux way too loud


9. The girl with a headache who is too tired to go out

But she's a trooper and she is going to make it to the bar anyways.

10. The girl who is so far gone but she's still friendly to everyone who comes up to her

It's okay Anna, you win some you lose some.

11. The girl always questioning her outfit

Chelsea has gone through at least three different outfits at the pregame alone.

12. The girl who is crushing on a boy at the pregame but won't talk to him

Jenna is trying to tell Molly she likes Nick, even though he came with Madison.

13. The girl trying to Uber to the bar before everyone is at the pregame

"We're gonna miss the specials." Bruh chill, it's like 10:00.

14. The girl who just broke up with her boyfriend so she's trying to get over it

Hey, we all have different methods of coping. Please don't cry.

15. The girl that always drops/spills her drink everywhere

*Keeps paper towels nearby because Molly is a klutz*.

16. "The party don't start 'til I walk in" girl

Usually comes with her own special entrance and theme music, oddly similar to a WWE wrestler.

17. The girl who is always over-the-top with her outfit i.e. the overdresser

But damn, does she make that look good.

18. The girl you can't pull away from her BFF for more than 10 minutes

Will and Jazz? Nah, meet Erica and Stephanie.

19. The girl(s) who does not have a graceful bone in her body but dances anyways

*Cues up Soulja Boy

20. The super sweet host who is "really glad everyone came"

In reality, she wants everyone to get the hell out of her apartment.

21. The "I'm really sick but like I don't even care because girls night omg!" girl

Kelsey isn't the hero we wanted, she's the hero we deserve.

*As always, these comparisons are EXTREMELY exaggerated and not meant to be taken to heart.*

Cover Image Credit: Interscope Records / YouTube

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Cover Image Credit: Salon

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High Quality Photos Are Worth The Splurge In A Wedding

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Every bride has one aspect of her wedding that matters the most to her, whether it be her dress, the venue, the flowers, the cake, or even the decorations. It's the part of the wedding that must be flawless. For my sister, it was pictures.

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When I asked her why, she said, "Pictures are the one thing you'll have with you for the rest of your life."

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