When We're Told That Girls Are Worthless
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When We're Told That Girls Are Worthless

Woman are so much more than a smokey eye and a designer bag.

When We're Told That Girls Are Worthless
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“Can you maybe not wear so much makeup next time? I don’t like it when girls wear too much makeup”.

“Wow, you look dead without makeup on today.”

Woman are soullessly based on their looks and need constant approval from everyone around them that they are physically beautiful. The average woman spends about $15,000 on makeup every year. The idea of a woman’s beauty and self-worth having some type of correlation has been a philosophy that seems to go back to the beginning of time. Woman get surgery and spend thousands to be "beautiful" just so society can approve of them.

A woman’s real self-worth and approval should come from within the woman herself. Her experiences and knowledge should be more of a defining factor than the way she does her hair and blends her makeup. Not only do woman get judged by men this way but also other women. Woman are so much more than a smokey eye and a designer bag. Woman are beautiful for so many other things. Their natural beauty is what defines a woman - her inner self. A woman should be learning everything she can and experiencing all the world has to offer rather than trying to conform to these impossible standards that are set. The woman is not viewed as a worlds natural gift rather as a figure, or a craft for the rest of the world to build and destroy as time goes on.

Women, however, are the creators of nature. Woman are the creators of the physical being. Woman are naturally born with the instinct to care. People do not view woman as such but rather someone who needs to be beautiful rather than educated. Woman are judged solely on their looks and very little judgment is placed on their personality.

We, as people, must look deeper than someone's outer being and not define them as what we cannot see. A story cannot be told without words and every person has a story that deserves to be heard. Instead of treating women like coloring books without a story, we should read into them and analyze them to find out their real meaning and purpose. Every book has a different purpose, job, meaning, and lesson as do women.

As a woman living today, I feel that I am deeply reduced to my looks. I attract boys by my looks, I need to hit at least 100 likes to make sure I'm good enough, and I need someone else to tell me I'm beautiful.

The most important person to give me approval is oneself, but most women do not believe this is true. Oneself is also the hardest person to get approval from.

If everyone was blind and could not see someone we would be forced to talk. People would have to know about each other and ask questions, rather than looking through a series of pictures that tell very little. As times goes on, pictures tell even less, thanks to photoshop.

Women are created for this planet as beautiful human beings with amazing souls, but this is not what people look for - if you have a Gucci bag and full lashes, you are worth more than the Yale graduate in sweatpants.

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