Let me begin by saying that I am not a feminist, but I can sure as hell defend the fact that there are double standards and certain things that men say or do that I’m completely over. I am not a perfect person, and I can admit to the things I've done in the past that some men would call “slutty.” What I want to know is what makes it okay for men to do the exact same things that I have done but in return be praised for it.

The way that some men speak about women absolutely disgusts me. To most of the guys who say these inappropriate comments: look honey, you're not the hottest pepper in the jar so I’m not sure what makes you think that you can comment on any girl's physical appearance. Going off of this, to the girls who you do think are hot enough to fit your “standards,” you treat like a product or some game off a shelf. Yes, it’s amazing, thrilling even, to play multiple board games in a night, but i hate to break it to you, girls are not board games, they are human beings. Why is it totally fine for you to message every girl on your snapchat feed but when one replies agreeing to whatever nonsense you’ve asked her to participate in, she is automatically a whore? You are the one who is encouraging her to do so.

What drives me even more insane? The men who say they won’t date a woman because of her past. You used to beat meat or your whatever they call it to some free videos about God knows what and the downhill spiral of trying to get with every girl you passed in the hall makes it absolutely okay for you to be an eligible bachelor? I do not think so. If a girl slept with any certain number of men that does not meet your irrational standards (which quite frankly isn’t even your business), you think you have the right to deny her a relationship? Well guess what, hold your words in because before you can even deny her a relationship she will realize that she doesn't want some hot-headed guy who thinks he is worthy of only the Virgin Mary. People in high school and college make choices based on what pays off for them. This is not something that should be followed with them past their point of having fun into the point where they are ready for a serious relationship. Does the fact that a girl slept with 10 men instead of 5 really change her amazing personality and loyalty? I’m not sure what book guys are reading, but it absolutely does not. I want a girl to deny a guy because of the amount of girls he hits up with the same snapchat filter and caption and see how he reacts. But keep high-fiving your friend when the girl with the big butt sleeps with him because that makes him awesome, but call me a slut when I kiss two guys at the bar. It makes total sense, I took logic in school too. NOT.

Women have enough issues regarding body image that has been hugely impacted by what ignorant men say but this, this has gone too far. I don't think it's cool for guys to go back to their friends and tear apart every aspect of the girl's body that wasn't nearly perfect after seeing them naked. Yes, sadly I've heard this been done, I live with men. When we start talking about the size of your you-know-what suddenly your entire manhood goes to mush? Maybe men are more “womanly” than actual women.