To The Girls Running A Small Business In College

It's a straight hustle, I see you.

Megan Aaron

For some, college is tough because there's an insane amount of homework. For some, college is tough because you have Greek life or athletics to juggle on top of school work. For some, college is tough because you're pursuing a business amidst all the above. For those of you pursuing what sets your heart on fire while still maintaining a 3.0 GPA - you rock.

You see, the thing about small business owners is, the success of the business and it's the ability to actually compete in its perspective industry, is often times down to the work and hustle of one person. The money that business brings in, the people it reaches, the growth it sees and the goals it meets is all down to that one human who had a dream or passion and pursued it to the extent of the business. Then if that one person happens to be a college student (which many are), feel free to add homework, projects, and tests on top of that work hustle.

And to be honest, it's so exhausting mentally, emotionally, and physically. Mentally you're stretched through school and coming up with new ways to improve your business in all sorts of ways. Emotionally you're pouring your whole self into your business while also juggling school. When you don't see numbers that you wanted to, or aren't reaching goals as quickly as you had hoped, you get down on yourself and it hits you a little personally. Physically your body is being strained through long nights and early mornings and overloads of caffeine.

All that said, it is so so rewarding. Running a small business alone is an achievement. Competition is overwhelming and challenging. Keeping up with social media, sales, scheduling, goal sheets, and finances is a lot for one person. But if you're doing all of that amidst college too - I see you and you rock. What you have to offer through your business, and the inspiration you give to those through the grind towards your passions is like nothing else. So if you haven't heard it in a while: you're talented, you're good at what you do, you can make it, just keep going.

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